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Elite Forex Scalper Review

Elite Forex Scalper

Elite Forex Scalper is a scalping-based robot that was designed by a well-known company Elite Forex. The EA was introduced as the software that trades beyond limits. Let’s see if this product is as good as other scalpers.

How Elite Forex Scalper Works

Elite Forex Scalper presentation

Elite Forex Scalper has the next features:

  • It’s a fully-automated trading solution.
  • It works without emotions.
  • It can trade only on the MT4 platform.
  • The robot can be useful for professional traders and beginners too.
  • It works with many brokers.
  • The system has protection from High-Impact News.
  • The minimum margin requirements are from $300 up to $500.
  • The optimal account balance is from $1000 to $3000.
  • VPS is required for 24/7 trading.
  • The leverage should be around 1:500.
  • The developers provide a Telegram channel to communicate.

Applied Strategies

  • The EA uses Scalp, Hedge, Grid, and conservative Martingale strategies.
  • It trades EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and Gold.
  • It works on the M5 time frame.
Elite Forex Scalper Applied Strategies

We’ve got a backtest video. From it, we know that it was GBP/USD on the M5 time frame.

Elite Forex Scalper Trading Results

Elite Forex Scalper myfxbook

The robot runs a real USD account on the FBS broker house automatically using technical indicators with 1:500 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account’s track record is verified. It was created on December 01, 2019. Since then, the absolute gain has become +139.03%. An average monthly gain is 6.98%. The maximum drawdown is 14.09%. The account lacks transparency. So, we don’t know the deposit size and account balance.

Elite Forex Scalper advanced statistics

The EA closed 7153 deals with 6490 pips. An average win is 17.49 pips when an average loss is -40.29 pips. The win-rate varies so much: for Longs – 73%, for Shorts – 68%. An average trade length is seventeen hours. The Profit Factor is 2.40.

Elite Forex Scalper trading results

The robot focuses on trading EUR/USD and GBP/USD, gridding successfully only the BUY direction. Anyway, most pips were gained on Gold – 5625.

Elite Forex Scalper trading results

Elite Forex Scalper trades mostly during European trading hours.

Elite Forex Scalper trading results

The most-traded days are Tuesday (1499) and Thursday (1543 deals).

Elite Forex Scalper trading results

The robot works with low risk to the account balance.

Elite Forex Scalper trading results

It uses martingale in Grids of eight orders.

Elite Forex Scalper monthly gain

The robot has been profitable all this year. 

Pricing & Refund

Elite Forex Scalper Pricing

The EA sells through two packages. The paid pack costs $249.99 and includes access to a support channel, fully-automated software, access to all files, welcome support. We’ll have no broker and deposit size restrictions.

Elite Forex Scalper - register an account and fund it at $3000

For getting the EA for free, we have to register an account and fund it at $3000. There are two options: to open a Standard account or a Micro one. 

Elite Forex Scalper account verification

We have to complete the form filling it with our name, MT4 account number, guest pass, and email address. 

People feedback

Elite Forex Scalper - Facebook page

The company’s page on Facebook has 2547 likes and 3217 followers. As we can see from the phone number, they’re from the US.

Elite Forex Scalper - Facebook page

There are many comments under posts, but the developers didn’t communicate with the community. 

Elite Forex Scalper Telegram channel
Elite Forex Scalper Telegram channel

The presentation is featured by many comments from the Telegram channel. Alas, we couldn’t find the robot’s page on Forex Peace Army and Trustpilot. 


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