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Easy Money X-Ray Robot Review

Easy Money X-Ray Robot

The main statements of the Easy Money X-Ray Robot presentation sound great: “Generate 35%-50% monthly.” We can start from a “$250 deposit,” and so on. We can expect to receive an additional income without previous trading experience. The promo video tells us about the details of running this software. Is the EA that great? 

Easy Money X-Ray Robot presentation

How Easy Money X-Ray Robot Works

Easy Money X-Ray Robot presentation

Let’s talk about the Easy Money X-Ray Robot’s features:

  • The EA trades fully-automatically for us.
  • The monthly profit can be up to 50% high.
  • The system doesn’t require experience to be used.
  • The minimum deposit can start from $250.
  • The robot uses a quad-indicator system. It’s a combination of four indicators that finds trending opportunities.
  • The system is featured by dynamic money-management. It keeps working with open trades on the market to close them in profits.
Easy Money X-Ray Robot features
  • We’re allowed to change only a risk level.
  • The presentation looks semi-professional without backtest reports, as usual. LeapFX doesn’t want to fix this.
  • LeapFX is a company that allows publishing EA’s from outside developers. So, we don’t know if this person works legally. 

Applied Strategies

  • The developers mentioned a trend strategy.
  • We’re sure that there are Grid plus Martingale madness because there are huge monthly gains, but a little Profit Factor in general.
  • The developers didn’t provide backtest reports, as usual, LeapFX does. It’s a bad way to sell the EA.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot Trading Results

Easy Money X-Ray Robot Trading Results

There are three myfxbook widgets.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot Myfxbook

Xray Trader runs a real USD account on the FBS broker. We don’t know if there’s only automatic trading. The leverage is 1:500. The software works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account has a verified track record. It was created on March 19, 2020. The deposit amounted to $454k. After trading, it was withdrawn at $405k. It was a wise move to withdraw profits from Grid and Martingale madness. The absolute gain has become +145%. An average monthly gain is +8.47%. The maximum drawdown is insane – 41.21%. It’s tracked by eight users.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot advanced statistics

The robot closed 9846 deals with -15371 pips of the profits. An average winning trade is 6.28 pips. It’s over twice more than an average losing trade – 15.68 pips. The win-rate is 65% for Longs and 63% for Shorts. An average trade length is almost four hours. The Profit Factor is only 1.47.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot trading results

The robot works only with EUR/USD and GBP/USD currency pairs. The most profits were brought on GBP/USE – $200.9k.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot trading results

The robot focuses on trading mostly during the European trading session.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot trading results

The most-traded day is Tuesday – 2073 deals.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot trading results

Easy Money X-Ray Robot runs the account with medium risks to the account balance.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot trading results

From the screenshot, we can see a huge Grid with Martingale deals. This one was closed in profit.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot monthly gain
Easy Money X-Ray Robot monthly gain

The robot is profitable but quite young to say something for sure.

Pricing & Refund

Easy Money X-Ray Robot Pricing

Easy Money X-Ray Robot is sold in two packs. The One-Year Membership costs $347. It includes a copy of a robot, the best settings, free updates, free upgrades, the best recommendations. The Lifetime Membership costs $597. It’s featured with the same features. For both packages, the developers provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. We’d like to say this price is acceptable for that software, if you have enough money, of course.

People feedback

Easy Money X-Ray Robot People feedback

The presentation has many positive testimonials from a Telegram chat.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot customer reviews

The company runs a Forex Peace Army profile. There are 12 reviews with a 3.4 rate in total.

Easy Money X-Ray Robot customer reviews
Easy Money X-Ray Robot customer reviews

There’s positive and negative feedback, but nothing about the all-new Easy Money X-Ray Robot.


  1. the best bot I’ve seen so far I have about 6-7 bot including mg pro and flex ea and this bot blows them away. It’s scary in the beginning but once I trusted it. I find it to be awesome hey 5 stars in my book


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