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Copy Trade Profit FX Review


Is CopyTradeProfitFX dead or alive?

Today, we’ll talk about a CopyTradeProfitFX signal provider. It’s a “Fast, Premium, and Real-Time Trading Alerts.” They have over six years of experience in making consistent profits from the Forex Markets. CTP specializes in fundamental and technical analysis within the foreign exchange market. 

Why is this company good to go?

  • Simple pricing of four packages. “You will be given all the information and knowledge you need from our dedicated team.” It’s a strange advantage but let it be if they want.
  • Easy and secure payment. What? Seriously? Where did you find unsecured payment methods? It’s nonsense.
  • WhatsApp channel provided for receiving signals.

That’s all we know about the signal provider.

CopyTradeProfitFX presentation

The video chapter looks like this. These videos were removed.

CopyTradeProfitFX presentation

CopyTradeProfitFX provides a link for an affiliate registration. Of course, the statement is a lie. No one automatically gets nothing. There’s a strict registration process. Usually, if a company forces clients to choose a broker because of an affiliate, it gives away signals for free, because it’ll get profit for your winning trades.


This brokerage company is BDSwiss. It doesn’t work with US clients.


There are several packages. A Premium one costs 50 GBP monthly. They can be bought via PayPal and cards. For this money, we’ll get:

  • From 2 to 8 alerts every day.
  • Around 600 pips of the profit every week.
  • Updates during a day.
  • Stop Loss and several Take Profit level placements.
  • And Trades work Worldwide (?).

The last statement is unclear, so, it’s hard to get what they wanted to say.

The second package costs 75 GBP per month. “This VIP package is a must for anyone serious about trading full time and learning the markets with our professional help.”

  • We’ll receive more signals than the Premium package provides.
  • They give us advice about lot sizes.
  • Big Take Profit level placement for a bigger profit.
  • 1-8 Alerts sent daily (?) It’s less than in the Premium package, but they said just now that we’d get more signals.
  • They provide a chart analysis.
  • Updates during a day.
  • Stop Loss and several Take Profit level placements.
  • And Trades work Worldwide.

Copy-trading course

CopyTradeProfitFX Copy-trading course

They offer us a Copy Trade Platinum Training Program. 

Who are this course for and what we’ll get from finishing it?

  • This program for every experience level.
  • We can complete it running a demo account.
  • Material updated weekly.
  • Member area for people who bought courses.
  • A user will also have access to 1on1 Skype lessons to truly upgrade personal trading to the highest level.
Copy Trade Platinum Training Program

It seems like these courses were removed because we clicked on various chapters but there’s no timing.

CopyTradeProfitFX pricing

The pricing is quite high. 3-month membership costs 250 GBP, 6-month one costs 450 GBP. The Limited Time Launch Offer costs 50 GBP.

Social Networks

CopyTradeProfitFX Social Networks
CopyTradeProfitFX Social Networks
CopyTradeProfitFX Social Networks

As videos, we told, all social network profiles were deleted, probably by the owners’ initiative. So, we’ve got no connections with service runners.

Summing up


  • No pros


  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No trading results provided
  • No intel about owner provided
  • No info about signals generators provided
  • Suggesting a brokerage company with no payback
  • The broker doesn’t provide services for at least US clients.
  • Videos for courses have no timing
  • High pricing
  • Pay more to get less daily trades
  • Social network profiles don’t exist
  • No people feedback provided
Overall rating
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