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Euro Scalper Pro Review

Euro Scalper Pro

How good are scalping signals from Euro Scalper Pro?

Euro Scalper Pro presentation

The presentation of Euro Scalper Pro looks like we came back to 1998. They provide a copy-trading service based on a scalper EA.

  • 100% Automated Forex signals.
  • No hidden fees or additional charges.
  • Experience-free trading.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • VPS question. We can run Euro Scalper Pro from home or office connection with excellent results. If we would like to use VPS they’ll help us to set up Euro Scalper Pro on free a VPS service right after registration.
  • Lot size controlling. We may select fixed lot or risk scaling settings in our EA inputs. We have complete control of our lot size and account settings at all times.

The presentation is introduced in 13 languages. Euro Scalper Pro signals are instantly replicated to our MT4 account wherever we are.

Trading results

Euro Scalper Pro Trading results

We’ve got onsite screenshots of trading results from XM Global Limited account (Global Capital Management), with 1:500 leverage, from 26 June, 202 6:36 a.m.

As we can notice, the system didn’t set SL levels.

Getting signals

The company provides two ways of getting signals as many similar service providers:

  • To get free signals we have to do the next:
    • to open a new live MT4 Standard account through our website with our PARTNER broker.
    • deposit it on at least  €1000 / $1000.

We’ll get free Euro Scalper Signals and free Auto Trade Copier.

We’re allowed to:

  • Have an account registered on our name.
  • Have control of our funds.
  • Set control of the lot size.
  • Fund or withdraw it.
IC Markets

IC Markets is a partner company. We like this broker. There are an affiliate program and registration of a brand-new account. If we want to add existed one to the program we have to ask support to connect us to this ID “Partner Refer ID 8295.”

We have to send an email, so, they will be able to check. An answer will be within 24 hours.

  • Paid membership.
    • EUR/USD symbol.
    • The short term scalping trading strategy.
    • Robust performance through choppy and trending price action all in one system.
    • The system is accurate so we always have proper Entry and Exit levels.
Euro Scalper Pro monthly membership

We’ve got several packages to go. The Monthly Membership costs $200. The Annual Memberships allows us to save 15%. It’ll cost $2000 instead of $2364.

Social networks

Euro Scalper Pro Social networks

The company has a very active Twitter account. For the last four years, there have been posted 101.3K tweets. The profile has got 21.6K followers.

Euro Scalper Pro Euro Scalper Pro Social networks

We can see many tweets even today’s ones.

Onsite people’s feedback

Euro Scalper Pro feedback

There are many positive comments probably from real people. Because we can check their daily results on Twitter and compare how good they really are.

Summing up


  • Strategy is explained 
  • Single symbol to trade
  • Medium price
  • We can run MT4 without VPS
  • IC Markets as a brokerage company
  • Free to go if we trade on IC Markets
  • Good support
  • Overwhelmingly active Twitter account
  • Results of traded signals revealed


  • No 3rd-party verified results provided
  • Medium price
  • Little sale for an annual membership
  • Single symbol to copy-trade
Overall rating
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