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Cairo is a new Forex EA launched on 19th January 2021 that claims to have more than 99% profitable trades in a backtest. It is a system that avoids using dangerous methods to prevent your portfolio from being wiped out. However, whether you can rely on it or not can be decided only after an objective assessment of the various system aspects is completed.

How Cairo Robot Works

On the MQL5 page of Cairo, the vendor has provided us with a brief explanation of how the robot functions. There are links provided for a recommended broker, the MT4 version of the robot, as well as live performance. The vendor has also shared the link for an active Telegram group.

We have a list of input parameters that can be modified by the user at their convenience. Finally, we have a few screenshots showing backtesting results for this Forex robot. It has been developed by a Swiss trader known as Ruben Octavio Gonzalez Aviles, who has systems like Miami Static, Kyoto, Paris, and Tokyo in the past. Although he seems to be well-experienced in building robots, we don’t know whether he has any actual trading experience.

Cairo is a robot that enters multiple trades every week and manages to close them on the same day. Every trade is fitted with a stop loss and a take profit in order to control your losses. These values can be changed by the user, but the vendor recommends keeping the default values in order to extract the best performance from the system. Only one trade is placed by the robot at a time.

Although the default EA settings are for the EUR/USD pair the vendor mentions that users can experiment with other currency pairs as well. It is also mentioned that any timeframe chart can be used without changing the EA performance. It has the dynamic lot feature that lets the robot set a lot size based on the account balance. 

You also have the option of changing other parameters like stop loss, take profit, max spread, max lot, magic number, trade comment, CCI – Period, and CCI – Level. The robot has a static model that uses a fixed lot for trading.

Applied Strategies

No strategy explanation is provided by the vendor for this robot, which is a bit disappointing. We don’t know what indicators this EA uses, and how it identifies profitable trades. Although the vendor has mentioned that the system does not use risky strategies like averaging, grid, smart recovery, and martingale, no actual information is provided on the strategy. As such, we don’t know whether the method used by Cairo is viable or not.

Cairo Backtests

This is the backtesting result for Cairo in the Static Mode, conducted with a modeling quality of 100%. Using an initial deposit of $500, a total net profit of $111029.60 was generated during this backtest. A total of 540 trades were placed, out of which 539 were won, and this represents an extremely high win rate of 99.81%.

The profit factor for this test was incredibly high at 203.31. Such a high value cannot be seen usually for Forex EAs, and it makes us wonder whether this result is authentic. Since it has not been verified by a third-party source, it is entirely possible that the vendor manipulated them.

Cairo Trading Results

Cairo Trading Results

The live trading results for Cairo have been shared on the MQL5 website. In 21 trading days, this account achieved a growth of 72.38%, generating a profit of $72.38. A total of 27 trades were placed without a single loss, which is quite exceptional. 

But again, we must consider the fact that this is an unverified trading result. It has not been verified by a third-party website like Myfxbook or FXBlue, which means we cannot consider it authentic.

Pricing & Refund

Cairo is available for $399, but you can rent it on a monthly basis for $249. A free demo version is available for those who wish to test the performance before using the robot for live trading. The vendor does not offer a refund for this product.

Customer Reviews

Cairo Customer Reviews

There are some user reviews for Cairo on the MQL5 page. But we don’t think they can be trusted as the vendor could easily have paid these people to write favorable reviews. This Forex robot was only launched a few months ago, so it is expected that most traders don’t know about it yet.


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