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Auto Arb Review

Auto Arb

Auto Arb is a Forex trading software developed by LeapFX that uses an arbitrage strategy. It is compatible with various trading platforms, like Binary Options, MT5, and MT4 and allows you to trade on various financial instruments. Auto Arb claims to bring profits on a consistent basis, no matter how much trading experience it has.

Auto Arb presentation

Forex traders are generally wary about arbitrage trading systems and it needs something special to convince them that such a system can generate steady profits. So, let us take an in-depth look into this Forex system and know if it is a worthwhile investment or not.

How Auto Arb Works 

How Auto Arb Works

Firstly, the Auto Arb software needs to be installed on an efficient broker platform having a price feed and fast server. It even provides you with a list of recommended brokers that work well with the system. You can keep any trading platform open on your slow broker. The arbitrage opportunities will be identified by Auto Arb and trades will be placed automatically.

Auto Arb works for all currency pairs and is equipped with Detect And Click Technology and a Graphic User Interface. It works in stealth mode so as far as other traders are concerned, you will be using a manual system. This prevents liquidity providers and brokers from manipulating the trading conditions.

As for vendor transparency, not much information is available on the website about the developers. While LeapFX has been operating in the Forex robot industry for some time now, we would have liked to know about the actual identity of the developers and where they are based.

Applied Strategies

Auto Arb uses an arbitrage strategy where you can make a profit by exploiting the small price differences between brokers. We think this is not the most efficient strategy since it requires advanced technology that not every trader can afford, along with huge position sizes. In our experience, most brokers look down upon arbitrage trading since it takes a lot for them to make sizable profits.

Unfortunately, no information related to backtests could be found on the official website. These results are vital as they help us assess different factors related to a Forex EA, such as the win percentage, profit factors, etc. Without backtest results, we cannot say with confidence that Auto Arb would perform well in the live market.

Auto Arb Trading Results

Auto Arb Trading Results

On the Auto Arb website, we found some videos where successful trades are depicted, but we have no way of telling whether these are from verified accounts. An experienced Forex trader would look for a system that provides live trading results verified by third-party websites like FXBlue or Myfxbook. Since these are missing for Auto Arb, it could be possible that the trading results shown on the website have been manipulated to show favorable outcomes.

Pricing & Refund

Auto Arb Pricing

Auto Arb offers you two separate pricing plans, with the first one requiring you to make two equal monthly payments of $297. The second plan costs $497 and is a one-time payment plan. Both of them offer the same features, like the bonus auto close software, auto-updates, full hands-on support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Customer Reviews

On the company website, we couldn’t find any user reviews about Auto Arb. There are none to be found on third-party websites like Trustpilot and Forexpeacearmy. This is a major disappointment, especially since no trading results have been provided by the developer, and we hoped to find some reviews that would reveal how the system performs in a live trading scenario.

Thus, it becomes difficult for us to assess the performance of the software, along with other aspects like customer service. The lack of customer reviews suggests that not enough people trust the system and that it must go a long way before it earns some reputation for itself.

Overall rating
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