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Arbor Review

Arbor Review

Arbor trades on multiple currency pairs and does not use risky strategies such as grid, martingale, averaging, etc. The EA uses various tools, including news filters and unique indicators, to scan the perfect, accurate opportunity to enter the market. It is a fully automated expert advisor that claims to have a stable risk/reward ratio. To check if the algorithm can be beneficial in the long run, we will go through its trading history, live records, key characteristics, and customer feedback.

How Arbor works

The essential features of the expert advisor are:

  • It’s beginner friendly and easy to setup.
  • The system does not use martingale, grid, or hedging strategies. 
  • The algorithm can handle all currency accounts.
  • It is fully automated. 
  • The robot can trade multiple currencies from a single chart.

Vendor transparency 

Jakub Norbert Bogusz, residing in Warsaw, Poland, is the person who stands behind this expert advisor. He has multiple robots available in his product list, such as Husker, Gold Baum Pro, etc. The author is not transparent on their portfolio as he does not provide the exact address location and employee’s whereabouts.

The EA requires the following steps to work correctly:

  1. Open an account with a broker and provide the developers with the login ID
  2. Buy the robot from the personal website by making a payment
  3. Download the system files onto your PC 
  4. Initiate the MT4 or MT5 platform depending on your acquired version 
  5. Attach the documents to the charting section and allow auto-trading

Applied strategies

The developer states the algorithm uses a stop loss and take profit on each trade. It uses a number of filters and indicators to enter the markets. From the history on MQL 5 records, we can observe that there is some sort of martingale involved in trades. There is no fixed SL and TP attached to trades, which goes against the statement of the author regarding astute risk management.

Trading history on Myfxbook.

The developers share a poor image of what seems to be the backtesting records. There is no detailed statement which is an extremely poor practice. From the stats, we observe that the EA started trading with an initial deposit of $1000. This resulted in a net profit of $48717.61. The overall drawdown stood at 6.52%, with a profit factor of 2.13. 

Backtesting records.

Arbor trading results

The live account has been active since 2022.02.04 until the current date for a short period. The algorithm has conducted 99 trades so far and generated a profit of $231.71.  

Live records on MQL5.

The portfolio had an initial deposit of $1000 resulting in 72.5% profitability. The profit factor and monthly growth stand at 1.44 and 4.31%, respectively. We observe the maximum drawdown was 5.4%. The algorithm managed a gross profit of $749.47 and a -$51.53 gross loss

Live records on MQL5

Pricing & refund

The current price of the bot is $349, which is expected to increase to $499 soon. Users can purchase the product directly from the MQL5 marketplace. The developer provides no information on the refund policy of the robot.

Price of the EA.

Other notes

Arbor has a rating of 4.5 based on 28 reviews on the MQL5 website. One of the traders commented that the backtest worked great for the robot, but the live testing didn’t. They lost half of their investment. 

Customer feedback on the MQL5 website.

Another user states that the expert advisor is excellent and reliable.

Customer feedback on the MQL5 website.


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