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Cosmonaut FX EA Review

Cosmonaut FX EA

Cosmonaut FX EA is a fully automated FX trading tool promising a maximum of 100% profits per month. The FX robot works 24/7 on the MT4 and MT5 terminals. As per the vendor, the robot does not use toxic methods such as Martingale. It provides a minimum drawdown and high profitability. The expert advisor uses order protection to limit the losses and increase profits. Stability and profitability are the two main selling points of this FX expert advisor. According to the vendor, you can trust a huge capital with the trading bot and receive appreciable returns.

How Cosmonaut FX EA works

The FX robot works by scanning the price channels. It identifies deviation in the market price from the average value and selects the best trading condition. The important features of the system that make it stand apart from other similar products in the market as per the vendor are:

  • It works on 12 currency pairs simultaneously to ensure a diversified result.
  • The ATS uses smart money management that results in a low drawdown and high profitability.
  • It is easy to install and use. Configuration of the bot takes just 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Backtesting results for 10 years with automatic risk control and M5 timeframe is present.
  • The FX EA uses the Bollinger Bands indicator for its trading.
  • This FX EA can work on a large amount of capital safely.

This expert advisor is promoted by the Cashmaker company. According to the domain registration details found on the official site, the company has been operating since 2018. Other than the mention of the firm being based in Europe, which can cause delay in responding to emails, we could not find further info such as the founding year, team members, address, etc. as the vendor does not provide any. The insufficient data raises doubts regarding the reliability of the developer.  

Applied strategies

According to the vendor, the FX robot has two systems in a single EA. It uses Mars and Jupiter strategies for identifying accurate and profitable trades. But there is no further explanation provided on the strategies. There are no backtesting reports present on the official site with the mention of test results showing a 99% accuracy. Although the vendor provides many backtesting reports, we are unable to download them.

Cosmonaut FX EA trading results

Just as with the backtesting results, there are no real trading results for the FX EA. Instead of providing verified results, the vendor just provides samples of how real trading results work. We prefer trading results verified by sites such as Myfxbook, FXBlue, etc. We can find out the profitability, profit factor, lot size, and more. The lack of a verified track record raises suspicion about the reliability of the FX robot.

Pricing & refund

Two pricing packages are present namely the Optimal and the Economy packages. The former costs € 299 and includes an unlimited number of accounts, the software program, an unlimited license, a detailed guide on setting up the robot, and online support. 

With the Economy package, you have to pay €249 and it provides only one license per account. You get a detailed guide on the installation and use of the robot along with online support. A 14-day refund offer is present as per the European standards directive 199944ec and directive 201183eu of the European parliament. Concerning the price of the FX robot, when compared to the market average, we find the pricing is expensive. 

Other notes

Unfortunately, we could not find user reviews for this FX EA on reputed review sites such as Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. While the vendor provides user reviews on the official site, they can be manipulated which is why we do not consider them.

Customer support for the system is via an online contact form. We could not find other options such as location, address, etc.

Overall rating
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