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Zero to Hero Forex Signals Review

Zero to Hero Forex Signals

Is Zero to Hero Forex Signals good to go in 2020?

It’s funny that a company name was picked from Disney’s Hercules. Let’s take a look at a several pages presentation.

Hero Forex Signals presentation

It starts with a link on a 5-stared rate on Daily Forex. Of course, it was paid one.

These three statements should characterize them in the best way:

  • Comprehensive trading experience
  • Outstanding test performance
  • Highly recommended by members
  • Delivering information about trades via SMS (lol) and email.
Hero Forex Signals presentation

Wait a sec, who’s this person? Who’s your Head Trader? So, he’s another no-name person who “traded” over 10 years.

We can easily tell you these signals if they exist are garbage. Their owner even doesn’t try to share with us: signal frequency, pips expectation, availability TP, SL levels, and entry price, and so on. The presentation of signals ended without even getting started.

Trading results

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

It’s how a chart looks like in the presentation.

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

And this is how reality looks like. It’s a demo account of a 10-years-experienced trader. The account has been launched on 12 June 2019 and abandoned on 5 January 2020. The initial deposit was 3000 USD. The final balance was 5790 USD.

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

As we told, we’ve got 209-days history on the plate. The total return was +93%. The monthly return amounted to +9.7%. The maximum drawdown was -29.3%. The win-rate was extremely low and equaled 56.3%. The profit factor is mediocre and equals 1.24. The average numbers of daily trades are 2.4. From the chart, we know that most favorite symbols were USD/JPY and EUR/JPY.

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

The risk/reward ratio was 1.5. The account was run with the minimum risks (1.9%). The average trade length was over a day. The average win +51.95 equals the average loss -54.15.

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

As expected, most profitable symbols were the same and exactly they had 57-58% win-rate.

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

Both directions had a similar win-rate (56-57%).

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

The profit factor varied depending on the month. Some of them have ended with less than 1.

The best one was exactly in the month when the devs decided to stop trading. 

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

Most trades were performed during two periods. The first one was between 2 am and 3 am. The main one was during a European trading session.

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

Friday trading has brought no profit comparing with the start of the week.

Hero Forex Signals Trading results

There were two strategies behind the system. The first one has brought -120.26 USD. The second one ran quite well and provided the devs by +2911 USD.

People feedback

Hero Forex Signals People feedback

It’s onsite one when everything rocks. We’ve found their TrustPilot page. It’s kinda strange they didn’t enhance the presentation with the link.

Hero Forex Signals People feedback
Hero Forex Signals People feedback

There was some feedback like this with a negative experience, but in general, their rate is high and equals to 4.58/5 based on 22 reviews.


Hero Forex Signals discounts

In order to get a discount we have to do some strange actions, so, no way.

Hero Forex Signals Pricing

There are four packages that vary by time. A 1-month membership will cost $100. A three-month one costs $200. Half a year costs $300. An annual license costs $500.

Social network profiles

Hero Forex Signals Social network profiles

Icons on the site haven’t connected to any social network page. It’s a huge disadvantage if you truly want to attract people’s attention to a product you promote.

Summing up


  • 3rd-party verified trading results
  • Positive feedback on Trustpilot


  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No signal frequency provided
  • Mediocre trading results
  • Demo account trading results
  • The account was abandoned half a year ago
  • People said signal frequency varies with expectations
  • No free signals provided
  • No traded results provided
  • No signal explanations provided
  • No group in Telegram and Whatsapp created
  • No social network profiles deployed
  • Signals delivered only via SMS and email
Overall rating
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