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DexFxMarkets Review

DexFxMarkets Review

What services can we see on a DexFxMarkets site?

We’d like you to read a review DexFXMarkets company. 

DexFxMarkets presentation

This info is the first we see on the presentation.

DexAtomic product

It’s an unclear statement because instead of explanation we see introducing a DexAtomic product.

DexFxMarkets presentation

and there’s an offer. Where’s intel about what this presentation is up to?

DexFxMarkets DexFxMarkets presentation
DexFxMarkets course content

They are 1 and 2-hour trade charts. “This charting process teaches us how to look at dynamic support and resistance and what statements to purchase on NADEX.”

TheDexAtomic has a course that includes videos that should help us.

So, this is all about this product. It’s not so much info to make a decision.

Onsite trading results

DexFxMarkets Onsite trading results

The presentation includes some fake trading results with 96.43% win-rate that half a year old. We can make them in Google Sheets too, not a big deal at all.

DexFxMarkets presentation

DexInfinity includes 7 different signal sets with “training” on how to trade them. They include “Daily, Intraday, and Amazing 5-minute Nadex Signals Sets.” Nadex Signal Strategy explanations provided in videos to inform us about what triggered these signals and how they should be traded on Nadex. The last piece of the package is Nadex Training that includes Nadex Ninja Series about everything we have to know about working on the Nadex Trading Platform.

So, what signals we’ll receive:

  • Daily Signals w/ OTM and ATM Signals. The daily Signals that have run for over 6 Years straight that helped us create the OTM (Out of the Money) and ATM (At The Money) signal sets.
  • TNT 1 Hour and 2 Hour Intraday. The success rates of these 1-hour and 2-hour signal sets have been off the charts.
  • TNT 5 Minute Signals.
  • Step Bot with Copy System. The Step Bot has been refined and tweaked to capture a 4%+ of gain per month. 

Xedan Trading System features:

  • Well-designed UI.
  • Setting up a strategy we want to use.
  • It includes training and the Nadex Package with the Data Processing Center.
  • The system was enhanced by News Avoidance Filter.
  • Safe Mode feature for manual trading.
DexFxMarkets presentation

Thre’s a Dex TNT package.

  • TNT Custom TradingView Charts are on the board.
  • Learning materials of how to use TNT Custom TradingView Charts to trade Nadex and Forex.
Dex TNT package

The common features for every service:

  • Tech and customer support are available.
  • The devs stream a live trading session in Twitch for everyone.
  • Forex Custom Chart and Strategies.
  • The presentation combines Signals, Indicators, Trading Systems, Nadex Training, Nadex, and Forex Bots.
  • During 6 years there were sent over 75000 signals to customers.
  • “100’s of Nadex Signals fire each day out of 7 Major Signal Sets including 2 Nadex 5 min Signal Sets  AND 2 Daily Nadex Signal Sets and several Intraday Signals.”
  • We can navigate charts through any device.
  • We can use other chart tools to validate strategy or signal.
  • We can take snapshots of signals or setups and easily share them.
  • We know a resource of information that is key to success.
Dex News page

There are some streams and other videos on the Dex News page.

Onsite trading results

DexFxMarkets Onsite trading results

As we can see, these numbers should ensure that these intel has been traded. Of course, it’s a lie. If this was closer to reality the person or people behind the system will be millionaires. Because people who trade with 97.3% win-rate can triple account balance during a year.

DexFxMarkets Onsite trading results

It can’t be true. 70-83% win-rate can, but this no way. Because if yes, during 4 years a $10000 deposit should become a $1M one.


DexFxMarkets Pricing

It’s pricing for DexAtomic service. A monthly subscription costs $100. During COVID-19, the first month costs $60.

DexFxMarkets Pricing

There are two main packages. The Infinity and Green Room access one costs $160 monthly. We’ll receive Nadex signals, Xedan Bot, Full Dex Atomic, Full Dex TNT, Full TradingView, Dex Atomic, Personal Consults, Step By Step Training, and all videos.

We can buy just single Green Romm access and Dex Atomic. It includes 1- and 2-hour trade charts, consulting, chat room help, ad access to all webinars.

DexFxMarkets donation page

There’s a donation page and it’s not a joke. We have to help the “free” service to keep being free. It’s nonsense because they sell their products.

Social network profiles

DexFxMarkets Social network profiles

FB’s profile is empty and has almost no followers. The last update was over a year ago.

DexFxMarket – Unreliable Signals Provider

  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No team revealed
  • No free signals provided
  • No traded results provided
  • No clear intel about signals delivering
  • No 3rd-party verified trading results
  • Fake onsite “traded” results provided
  • No people feedback provided
  • Social networks stayed without updates for a long time
  • High pricing
  • Ridiculous donation requests
  • No TrustPilot or similar site page with people feedback
Overall rating
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