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Zen Scalper EA Review

Zen Scalper EA

Zen Scalper EA is a 100% hands free trading system that helps you to trade all the time regardless of whether you are working, traveling, or sleeping. The vendor says that the robot keeps risks low while keeping its targets high, creating a long term running EA. We doubt the truthfulness of this statement, though. We have established that Zen Scalper depends on the grid to make trades. So, your account will hardly be safe in its hand because this approach is a recipe for disaster.  

How Zen Scalper EA works

There are several features this robot comes with. We have outlined them in this section:

  • Can be used on both single and multiple accounts.
  • Supports MT4 and MT5 platforms.
  • Includes a default settings file, which provides the best recommendation regarding which settings to utilize.
  • Allows both auto lot management and fixed lots.
  • Works best on the M15 timeframe.
  • Supports one main currency pair; GBPUSD.
  • Customer support is offered 24/7.

The people who created this robot are not known. We have no clue about who they are, what they do, their qualifications, base of operation, their other tools, among other things. Surely, the devs wouldn’t operate in secrecy if they were selling the public a legit and efficient tool. They would want to be known and associated with it. Since this is not the case, we are convinced that their product is unreliable. 

Applied strategies

Zen Scalper EA relies on two main strategies — scalping and the grid. The former approach focuses on opening and closing many positions on the GBPUSD pair over the course of the day, normally in seconds or minutes. The latter approach is quite common in this market, and it mainly focuses on placing orders at different intervals, above or below the market price. A grid of orders is created as a result. 

Backtest results.

As you can see above, the EA was tested from December 23, 2020, to October 26, 2021. However, this period is not enough to determine the long-term performance of the system. Anyway, the stats indicate that a total of 2093 trades were completed using a deposit of $1000. The resulting profit was $24663.90. 

There were win rates of 65% for long positions and 64% for short ones. These results were average, and a profit factor of 1.77 further highlights the system’s low return rate. At the time, the average trade length was 58m. The drawdown was quite large (34.28%). Clearly, a high-risk approach was used. 

Zen Scalper EA trading results

Zen Scalper EA’s live trading stats.

We have a real USD account on Myfxbook being run by Zen Scalper. It was opened just recently, October 25, 2021, to be precise. On average, the EA makes 85.83% profits monthly. The drawdown value is equally high — 46%. It means that almost half of the capital has been lost within just one month of trading. The strategy on board is indeed very dangerous. Currently, we have a profit of $14782.31. 

The trades done so far are 466, and from these, 65% of the long positions have been won. The win rates for short positions are significantly higher — 77%. There’s a profit factor of 1.96, which shows us that the trading approach isn’t that lucrative. For every dollar it risks while trading, it only gets $1.96 in return. 

The main currency pair used for trading was the GBPUSD symbol. The risky trading activities involved are evidenced by the huge lot sizes and the grid of orders used. Positions were opened and closed within minutes. 

Pricing & refund

There are two main pricing options for this robot. We have a monthly license that goes for $59 and a lifetime one that is sold at $249. If you are interested in the referral license, then you can get it at zero dollars. There’s a 15-day money-back guarantee, which is valid for the monthly license only. A refund request can be made through email. 

Zen Scalper EA’s pricing details.

Other notes

There are no customer reviews that can help us understand how this EA works on people’s trading accounts. We would like to know if it performs poorer or better on other accounts. 


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