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WealthyBot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

WealthyBot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

WealthyBot promises an efficient crypto trading environment with its automated trading bot. A simple installation process, live support, and free simulator are some of the key features that the vendor assures for users. The service also offers tutorials to guide users on the efficient use of the crypto software. 

WealthyBot overview

WealthyBot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

The official website is powered by Secret Energy, a company focusing on creations designed to uplift humanity. We could not find other company details like its founding year, location, developer info, phone number, etc.

WealthyBot quick summary

Some of the key features that make the platform competitive are:

  • It has an easy and simple installation and use process.
  • A free simulator helps to try the software before you use it for real-time trading.
  • Support is offered via Telegram chat.
  • Free subscription is present with the vendor taking a small percentage of your profits.
  • The private keys of your account are safely stored on your system.
  • Modern product tutorials ensure you install and use the software effortlessly.
  • It works with BTC, ETH, BCH, HNT, LTC, EOS, ETC, BNB, and REP cryptocurrencies.

Is it easy to use?

You can start using the software by completing a few simple steps. Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the official site and head to the signup page
  2. Create your credentials for logging into the site
  3. Set up your exchange account and add credits or use the free simulator first
  4. Install the software and it will start trading for you

As per the vendor, the bot uses two different strategies for its trading. With the WealthyBot method, the bot will use the current moving average. It will find a medium level close to the high or low selling points. This reduces the risk probability and ensures higher profits. 

In the UpDown method, the bot will sell whenever a particular profit level is reached as per your setting. The high and low setting is designed to make a buy every 1.5% exchange rate difference. According to the vendor, you need to set a SIM for the two strategies and find which is most beneficial for your crypto portfolio.

WealthyBot reputation

Due to the lack of vendor info, we are unable to assess the reputation of the company. The lack of vendor transparency raises doubts about the reliability of the company.

What crypto exchanges are supported?

Only a couple of exchanges are supported by this platform. The main exchanges the service works with are: 

  • Binance International
  • Binance United States

As per the vendor info, more exchanges will be added in the future.


You need not pay a subscription fee for using the bot. However, the vendor takes a portion of your profits in the form of credits where one credit equals one currency unit. The vendor removes 20% of the profits you make.

Security and privacy of WealthyBot

API protection is offered by the vendor. Your private keys will be stored in your system and are completely safe.

What about customer support? 

User review for WealthBot on the Trustpilot site.

For support, the vendor provides Telegram Chat and support documents. We found one user review for this company on the Trustpilot site with a rating of 3.4/5. As per the feedback, the user complains about the limited exchange support and the lack of human representatives to answer user queries.

Profitability of WealthyBot

The free subscription, simple tutorials, and trustless simulator are important features that according to the vendor make the bot highly profitable. However, there is no live verified proof of the performance to check the vendor’s claims.

Deposits, withdrawals, and fees

WealthyBot does not charge subscription fees but takes 20% of your profits in the form of credits. You need to have a minimum deposit of $150 in your exchange account and $25 in WealthyBot credits for the bot to start trading.  Withdrawal of profits to a cold wallet or conversion to a cryptocurrency other than USDT is allowed.

Advantages of WealthyBot


The vendor offers a free simulator to help you know how profitable the system is. A SIM tutorial is provided for users to understand the process and benefit from it.

Simple guides

Support documents and video tutorials are provided to guide users about the working method of the bot. 

Free subscription

The service does not charge a subscription fee. Instead, it takes 20% of the profits you make via the bot.

Disadvantages of WealthyBot

Very limited exchange support

The bot works only with Binance International and Binance United States exchanges. 

Lack of vendor transparency

The vendor does not provide info on the company, the developer team, location, founding year, etc. This shows a lack of vendor transparency.


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