Home Crypto Smart Crypto Bot Review: Should You Use This Trading Bot?

Smart Crypto Bot Review: Should You Use This Trading Bot?

Smart Crypto Bot Review: Should You Use This Trading Bot?

Smart Crypto Bot claims to be the future of crypto trading. Here, you can find multiple trading strategies and triggers that will help you automate your operations. It supports some of the top exchanges and has risk and portfolio management functionalities as well. 

Smart Crypto Bot overview 

This platform was launched in 2019, so it is a relatively new entry into the market. It is supported by a small team of dedicated traders and developers based in the Netherlands. We don’t have any background information on any of the team members and the vendor has not shared the official address of the headquarters.

Smart Crypto Bot summary

The key aspects of the trading bot are as follows:

  • Multiple algorithm-based trading strategies
  • Fully-automated trading
  • Portfolio management
  • Loss prevention technique
  • Triggers based on indicators
  • 24-7 active trading
  • TradingView charts

What does Smart Crypto Bot offer?

After you are done with the setup process, the system starts placing orders. While trading, it regularly scans the market for lucrative opportunities. Depending on the configuration, it employs loss-management techniques with stop-loss and trailing stop-loss. The strategies include Trailing Buy, Percentage Change, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index, and 3x EMA Crossover. 

This platform has a dashboard that lets you keep a close eye on all of your trading positions. The system manages your positions automatically, but you can also take the manual route if you wish. By getting a live overview of your holdings, you can easily track your gains and losses. The bot closely tracks purchasing and selling history for easy monitoring of trading outcomes. In case the market crashes, you can use the sell all button to get rid of all your assets.

Smart Crypto Bot reputation

This platform hasn’t been extensively covered by media outlets and it doesn’t have any reviews on third-party websites. Evidently, it does not have much of a reputation as of now.

What crypto exchanges are supported?

This bot only supports Binance and Gate.io at the moment. The developer has mentioned that the KuCoin exchange will be added soon.


The price depends on the number of bots you are running. For each bot, you need to pay €10.00 per month, which can be considered affordable.

Security and privacy of Smart Crypto Bot

Before login, you can enable 2-factor authentication. You will be prompted to enter a code that is exclusive to your account. This decreases the risk of someone getting access to your account.

What about customer support?

You can get in touch with the support team by filling out the form on the website. Alternatively, you can use the official email address or join the Telegram or Discord server to seek help from community members.

Profitability of Smart Crypto Bot

Profitability depends on multiple factors like the trading scheme and the market sentiment.

Deposits, withdrawals and fees 

This platform doesn’t have permission to deposit or withdraw funds from your exchange account. For each trade, you need to pay a small fee of 0.15%. 

Advantages of Smart Crypto Bot

Let’s look at the various advantages of this system:


There is an extensive catalog of charts that allow you to track your operations. The data on the charts can be viewed by the triggers that can perform actions based on predefined conditions. Thanks to TradingView integrations, you can easily modify the charts.

Smart portfolio management

The bot’s dashboard lets you easily access your wallet. You can manage all your orders and review your transaction history. It shows you the live detailed information about your positions. It is also possible to buy or sell assets manually.

Advanced triggers

You can define conditions based on which set of actions are performed. There are multiple indicators available and you can also set a group of triggers. Also, there are trigger phases that activate based on the orders they are placed in.

Disadvantages of Smart Crypto Bot

Let’s look at the disadvantages:

Only two supported exchanges

The fact that the platform only supports two exchanges might make it inconvenient for some users.

Lack of vendor transparency

There is little or no information on the parent company. Also, without reviews on third-party websites, we have no way to know about the experience of real users with this platform.


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