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Ultimate Forex Signals Review

Ultimate Forex Signals

We’ve found an Ultimate Forex Signals signal providing company to review. Let’s figure out what it’s up to.

Ultimate Forex Signals

The company provides safe and sound signals for everyone. The presentation starts with a good Disney-kind fairy tail “… the trading business is completed for the first time, he hits, second time again, then the third and the fourth time. Would you imitate him during the fifth attempt? Therefore, you do not have to be afraid of a service that captures small investors around the world. These are forex signals or trading on the currency market through information provided by providers of forex signals. The interest is huge. It is always risky to buy Forex Signals. You must find reliable and consistent forex signals service.” Yes, finding a relevant signal provider is such a big deal, but we can simply check upcoming signals on an account, so, it’s not like allowing EA to run the real account. The signals will be provided via email.

Ultimate Forex Signals example

It’s how signals look like.

Ultimate Forex Signals

There are so many SEO texts instead of the required info.

Their signals advantages:

  • Forex signals fit any risk expectations.
  • Sistem doesn’t provide signals during high impact news.
  • Forex signals are managed in real-time and send to you from experts.
  • They are not 100% effective, but very accurate (what win-rate?) and reliable.
  • They’ve worked since 2016.
Ultimate Forex Signals

This fake feedback introduced as real testimonials.

If we’d like to talk about them they’ve been trading since 2008. 

Ultimate Forex Signals

It’s how the devs wrote about himself. Every word is a lie. A person like this, trading over 10+ years should be a millionaire not less. “Writer of many programs, texts, blogs” etc… where are links of all this stuff? What courses did you prepare? What article and review you wrote? What’s your name, dude? It’s another no-name millionaire who wants us to make rich for $100 or a price like this. Lie, lie, lie.

Ultimate Forex Signals articles

We’ve checked a blog. So, there are articles without dates, so, it usually does so no one can get when they were written.

Ultimate Forex Signals trading results

Ultimate Forex Signals trading results

On the “Forex signals performance” page we can see unclickable numbers. The devs try to convince us that these are real gained pips. Of course, this is a lie, because since 2016 they even didn’t manage to open a real account to make money from their signals. 

Ultimate Forex Signals trading results

There are many months with losses, it can mean that they don’t own a signal generator or they run EA that was designed by another person. So, they can be flexible about how the EA behind the signals really works.

Social Network Profiles

Ultimate Forex Signals Social Network Profiles

As expected, there’s an empty Twitter page. There are just 32 tweets and 5 followers since the account has been deployed three years ago. It’s not impressive at all.

Ultimate Forex Signals Social Network Profiles

The last update was two years ago, so, these articles on the blog are flagged by this date.

Ultimate Forex Signals Social Network Profiles

The first post was not about explanations of a trading strategy or economic events or trading results of a signal.

Ultimate Forex Signals about

A FB page looks a bit better. There are 207 followers and several “fresh” posts. As we can see, originally, the company is from Slovenia.


Ultimate Forex Signals Pricing

The service is introduced in two packages. Only in their description, we were able to find intel about symbols to trade. Signals will be delivered for EUR/USD, and USD/JPY currency pairs. The first “One-month subscription” will cost 100 EUR (Why not USD as everyone suggests?). A three-month subscription costs 250 EUR.

Ultimate Forex Signals is not a reliable provider

  • No intel about strategies revealed
  • No team revealed
  • No trader info or EA details revealed
  • No free signals provided
  • Empty good-for-nothing wordy presentation
  • No results after trading signals provided
  • No 3rd-party verified results provided
  • Empty social networks
  • No groups deployed in messengers
  • Delivering only via email
  • Pricing is high
  • Pricing in EUR instead of USD
  • No money-back-guarantee
Overall rating
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