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One Billion Signals Review

One Billion Signals

Today’s review will be about a big-name company called One Billion Signals. 

One Billion Signals AppStore

There should be two applications, but the link to an AppStore one doesn’t exist.

One Billion Signals

The application look differently depends on a device it’s run.

One Billion Signals service

So, what will we get using their service?

  • Real-time signals so we’ll be always in time.
  • There are 65-instrument signals that include Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptos.
  • We can expect a high enough success rate. It’s around 83%.
  • There’s a great team behind the signals that unites professional traders and market analysts.
  • When it’s time to trade the app sends a notification. Push notifications on live trading signals, market news, and sophisticated technical analyses are sent to help us to be on time and get a profit from it.
  • There’s a special tab that includes all signals even if we skipped them.
  • They deliver market insights in the form of short reports that help us analyze trends without wasting time.
  • Financial markets are influenced by economics, politics, public affairs, and many other factors. It’s crucial to stay up-to-date on current and expected events if we want to be a profitable investor. Market News tab gathers top trends.
  • The Performance tab gathers all signals in one place. It helps us to track signals’ performance in chronological order.

VIP customers also receive coaching, live-streamed trading sessions, one-to-one meetings, and 24/7 support.

The company provides copy-trading services that allow us not to input signal parameters manually.

  • We can copy-trade signals from over 57 currency pairs, 11 Index CFDs with real-time notifications and clear Take Profit and Stop Loss placement.
  • Following these simple steps and analyzing closed trades allow us to learn how to be profitable on Forex.
One Billion Signals article

Having checked a weekly outlook page we found some fresh articles. According to the timeline, the first article was written two years ago.

One Billion Signals articles

The site has a huge 342-page timeline of market notes. Every page includes 15 economic/market events. 

One Billion Signals article

The common news looks simple and informative.

One Billion Signals News

The page of Market News is up to date as well.

One Billion Signals News

The U.S. Non-Farm Payrolls are updated too.

An application and people feedback

One Billion Signals people feedback

It has a 4-star rate from 5 possible. Most of the reviews were written not later than 2019.

One Billion Signals people feedback
One Billion Signals people feedback

As we can see, the devs decide to stop providing the service.

One Billion Signals people feedback
One Billion Signals people feedback
One Billion Signals people feedback

According to testimonials, it’s a broker and paid-service harassment company.

One Billion Signals FB page

The FB page has 4354 followers and is kept up to date. Their posts have no comments, likes nor reposts.

One Billion Signals Twitter page

The Twitter page has got 4089 followers and includes 2294 tweets. There’s available sending a direct message.

One Billion Signals Twitter page
One Billion Signals Twitter page

Anyway, there are many signals on an everyday basis. It means the service is alive, so, these comments, that there are no signals in the app weren’t up to date.


One Billion Signals Pricing

There are four packages and a free trial. The free trial includes up to 5 signals a day, Forex News, Daily Tech Analysis, Performance Data, Notifications, Live Market Prices. For $30 monthly there’ll be no signal limitations. Paying $80 for three months, in addition, we’ll get live streaming. $240 costs an annual subscription. We’ll get a copy-trading feature of three symbols. The VIP Package costs $400 and there’s anything about how long it takes, but we’ll get copy-trading of all symbols.

One Billion Signals sms verification

If we want to buy it, we have to provide our phone number. Usually, it’s a scam.

Where’s true about how good One Billion Signals?


  • Economic, market news provided
  • Application was designed
  • Social network pages are up to date
  • 7-day free trial


  • No App Store application shared
  • Infinity negative feedback
  • There are requirements to share a phone number to buy a service
  • Pricing is kinda high
  • VIP package time length wasn’t’ explained


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