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Trend Signal Review

Trend Signal

Trend Signals presents traders with their strategies, training, and support to make them better at analyzing the markets. The company promises to deliver success, success, and freedom to those who follow its program. After going through the website, we can determine the actual output of Trend Signal.

How Trend Signal Works

After making a purchase, the program providers will send you your login id and password, which you can use to enter the website. Over there, traders can find all the trading courses and webinars. 

Vendor Transparency

The website shows a huge team of vendors, which include directors, coaches, and business managers. A profile picture is attached to every name, but there is no CV or other document that shows their qualifications. The company claims it launched in 2003 and states that they have been working with big financial institutions since then.

Trend Signal - team


Trend Signal has the following features:

  • Includes support from traders offered directly to participants
  • Teaches recognized trading strategies in the financial markets
  • The website has a blog where traders can see market updates
  • Offers webinars which traders can join for free

Applied Strategies

The developers are not transparent in the trading strategy they are teaching. The information is scattered over the website, which is a poor practice. They are using some indicators which their team has developed for analyzing the markets. The youtube videos in their blogs show that they are using those algorithms for trading on the daily charts. The trades come with stop loss and take profit whenever the indicators paint them. The company uses software to determine the risk: reward and possible analysis of setups.

Unfortunately, there are no backtesting results available with the system as it is an indicator. However, it was possible to use various simulators to backtest the indicators by placing trades manually. It would have been quite easy for someone working with big financial institutions, as per the statement, to provide us with some historical analysis.

Trend Signal Trading Results

The company does not track its live trading results via Myfxbook, which raises huge concerns over its performance. Verified tracking statistics are the only way to confirm if the indicators perform according to the made promises. Not only should they be made available by the mentors, but the students should also present their accounts so that others can have an idea about their success. Lack of transparency is one of the practices followed by scammers in the industry. It shows that they are trying to sell something without willing to provide real proof. 

Pricing & Refund

The company does not disclose the money needed to join its program. To get access, traders have to mail them and ask them personally. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee in case the service fails to produce any fruitful results.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are available on Forex Peace Army, with the Trend Signal a rating of 2.614 for 33 reviews. Traders state that their service is a good sales pitch that is designed to lure beginners into the program. There are consistent reports of losses and no gains. The signals provided by the company turn into losses as per the statement of users. 

Trend Signal - Customer Reviews


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