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10 Best Forex Trading Blogs 2020


There’s a lot of junk out there. Many blogs just publish information without confirming if it’s real or not. That’s why below are some of the favorite forex trading blogs loved by traders due to their unbiased factual information.

Most of the blogs below are educational since this is the sector severely misrepresented. But there are a few others too.

Forex Blogs & Websites To Follow in 2020


Everyone loves and trusts Investopedia. This site has been in operation since 1999 and is the world’s leading website for investing and financial information.

Investopedia’s information is usually backed by top experts.


Babypips is a learning website that provides information step by step from newbie to expert levels. The site has tiers from kindergarten to graduate level to guide you in everything forex related even if you’re a complete newbie.

For years Babypips has been the leading website for amateur traders who want to learn about Forex. It provides information in easy to digest bits and has a playish tone to make you relax and enjoy the journey to Pro Trader. 

Babypips also has a forum where you can interact with other traders and maybe make a friend to move along with. The best part? Babypips is 100% FREE.

3Learn to trade the market

LTTTM website is run by Nial Fuller. Nial is a globally recognized professional forex coach who has almost 20 years of experience in trading the market.

Nial is a price action trader so almost every concept he teaches circles around price action trading.

There’s a lot to learn from the free information he publishes on his blog. But if you’re interested in a helping hand to your forex career, simply subscribe to his membership and get guidance from Nial himself.

Through his course, Nial has taught more than 20,000 students worldwide. 

4Trading with Rayner

The owner of the blog, Rayner Teo is the most followed trader in Singapore. He’s widely recognized in the country as the leading independent forex trader. 

That aside, Rayner shares his knowledge for free on his website and YouTube channel, but has a membership where you can learn more on how to increase your trades. 

Since Rayner is a price action trader who teaches trend following techniques, most of what you learn is about naked trading. He teaches without the fluff and says if you don’t like his methodology in the free materials, there’s a probability you won’t like his private academy. 


EarnForex is a website with impressive Alexa ranking. The site provides information around forex trading but also provides tools such as calculators to help you know the amount of money you’re risking on each trade etc.


The analysts who provide updates at DailyFx are industry experts. The site informs changes in the forex market like news and also provides technical and fundamental analysis.

DailyFx also analyses economic, technical and political factors and how they influence price movements.

If you’d like market analysis, DailyFx is a good option.

7Vantage Point Trading

VPT is an educational resource platform that has been active since 2007. The blog publishes content for futures, forex, and stock trading. Vantage Point Trading teaches through trading articles, free ebooks, trading tutorials and even video courses.

8Daily Price Action

Justin Bennett created DPA in 2014 and has quickly made a name for himself internationally as one of the top price action traders globally. Justin uses simple price action strategies to teach you what you need to know and doesn’t fluff around.

Justin is a staunch swing trader and besides the free content he publishes on his website, he shares trading setups on top currencies on a weekly basis.

He also has a premium trading room where traders are taught from Justin himself. Once you’re subscribed to the membership you can freely interact with other thousands of traders who have learned from him.


FxStreet is the leading website for real-time market analysis and reliable forex news. They deal with news and rates and also provide economic calendar.

The site also has a premium subscription where you’re taught by their chosen coaches and to attend some live shows.


ForexOp offers guidance and solutions to traders facing difficulty in strategies and technical trading especially. It provided educational content and you will find several strategies outlined and explained on their degree of difficulty.

The sites above aren’t the only best performing forex blogs, but they provide detailed information in their respective fields. 

It’s important to interact with other traders along the way whom you can share with and learn from. The great thing is since some blogs on the list have forums, you could potentially make many trader friends to guide you.


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