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Top 5 Crypto Discord Channels and Chat Groups for Investment Ideas

Top 5 Crypto Discord Channels and Chat Groups for Investment Ideas

Knowledge is essential when it comes to crypto trading. You’re always looking for the next piece of information that will give you an advantage, whether you’re a novice or an expert. There are many places to get information from on the internet, but Discord is one of the most popular for current events. Discord servers can have sub-channels where users can connect, interact, learn about specific topics, and discuss. Furthermore, because the majority of these Discord groups are project-based, they tend to concentrate on specific parts of the crypto sector. However, there are also more of those that cover a wide range of crypto-related issues, including DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse, and more.

How to choose the best crypto discord server and group?

Given the large number of fake groups that emerge, finding reputable discord servers for yourself (especially if you are new to Discord) might be challenging. Here are a few things to check before joining one.

  • The total number of users on the server.
  • Check to see if the server has a Bot Guard.
  • How practical and convenient is the server?
  • Is the group kind and respectful?
  • Can choose between a paid and free channel.
  • The content you would like to use. Is it trade signals against general cryptocurrency news, NFTs, metaverse, DeFi etc.?

Top 5 Crypto Discord Channels 

Filthy Rich Futures

Filthy Rich Futures home page

This channel was built by experts with the goal of assisting all of its users in making the maximum profit possible. They assist their members in making informed decisions in high-risk circumstances while also reducing the potential of making losses. The server is set up for higher-leverage futures trading, which can lead to bigger losses. Members of the server, on the other hand, are protected by a set of rules that allow you to study without risking your money.

It offers one-on-one sessions focused at identifying and resolving trading issues so that everyone can profit. The Filthy Rich Indicator PackF-e includes various indicators that complement the A and B indicators and can help traders improve their performance. Using the indicator, one can quickly identify and capitalize on possibilities.

Its cost is really reasonable, and it provides outstanding value for money. There are three premium plans available. Monthly plans start at $69.95 for one month, $129.95 for two months, and $179.95 for three months.

Crypto Dads

Crypto Dads home page

This is a perfectly safe area to talk about long-term investing or simply trading with other dads. It’s a part of the Stock Dads network, which is a high-end financial education media company with a stock trading Discord server. It capitalizes on instructional content and network to be the best community for trade alerts, educational information, one-on-one coaching, and more. 

Thanks to its many play-callers, Crypto Dads has a track record of turning crypto trading ideas into profitable wins for its subscribers. It stands out because it provides each member with personalized financial planning as well as long-term asset planning. It also assists with the configuration of wallets, MetaMasks, and other essential tools.

Its premium subscription options come with a slew of useful features that can help you streamline your trading process. Prices range from $65 per month to $1250 per year.

Axion Crypto Community

Axion Crypto Community

Axion Crypto-Community is a free Discord server with over 38,000 crypto enthusiasts and experts from across the globe. You may join for free and begin engaging with individuals who share your interests. Many experts are available to provide appropriate advice to both traders and long-term investors. The degree of engagement across all sub-channels is incredible. There is also a dedicated meme sub-channel on the server, which has the most activity.

The administrator of Axion has a track record of generating accurate trading signals that include both entry and exit locations. You can also learn more about crypto by using the experiences of others. Members of the group utilize it to ask questions, get feedback, and share their knowledge.

It offers VIP membership, which includes on-demand technical analysis, buy/sell signals, premium chat, priority assistance, and more. It charges on a weekly basis: $20.69, $69.69 every month, $200.69 for three months, $369.69 for six months, and $700.69 for a year.


KryptoKings home page

This is one of the most advanced and unique Discord signal groups for cryptocurrency traders. KryptoKings features a chat for free crypto signals, as well as a few additional chats where crypto traders may talk about investment ideas and get trading advice. The free chat provides one or two free signals, as well as trade reports for the VIP signals supplied.

It also provides algorithmic trading strategies for customers to use in order to make money while trading. Fully automated market scanners and technical analysis from the world’s most renowned analysts ensure that you are constantly up to date and have access to the most up-to-date information on cryptocurrency trading. To receive VIP crypto signals, you have to pay $39/month, $98/quarter, or $374/month.

Elite Crypto Signals

Elite Crypto Signals start page

This Discord channel is one of the best run and most active. There are several channels to choose from on this server, including some of the most popular. Elite Crypto Signals is a reputable crypto signals source who publishes 1-2 crypto signals per day. They claim that the signals are above 90% accurate, implying a high success rate.

The team also provides excellent crypto training at an affordable price; all of their Premium results can be verified in the Discord channel. It also keeps its traders up to date on the latest cryptocurrency market developments. The monthly membership charge for obtaining premium signals is $45 per month. Other membership options include a $60 quarterly subscription and a $90 lifetime membership.


Crypto signals Discord groups have grown in popularity in recent years as a great way for both new and experienced crypto traders to acquire reliable signals and enhance their trading skills. Before you join one, do some research to be sure they fit all of the requirements you’re looking for. In this article, we have discussed the best 5 for your investment ideas.


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