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Market Crusher Pro Review

Market Crusher Pro Review

Market Crusher Pro is a trading tool that is able to assess any Forex currency pair, indices, crypto coins, or commodities that the MT5 account supports. It can evaluate up to twenty-eight different currency pairs to ascertain the strongest trending symbols to help you make a trading decision. The EA also allows you to run auto trading and manual trading concurrently in a backtest to put your skills to practice and gauge your success. 

How Market Crusher Pro works

The EA incorporates the following features:

  • The system includes a new bull/bear timeframe indicator/filter, a new Ma trend timeframe indicator/filter, ADX filters, and Bollinger Bands.
  • It can trade on any timeframe.
  • The recommended brokers include Vantage, Tickmill, IC Markets, Fusion Markets, and Pepperstone.
  • It trades on the MT5 terminal only.
  • There is no MT4 version of this system offered on MQL5.
  • The EA has a take profit and a stop loss feature.
  • It is possible to limit the number of symbols the EA can open simultaneously and dictate the number of trades per symbol that can be opened.
  • You can enable grids or leave them disabled.
  • It allows you to trade specific hours or days adjusted in the time settings.
  • The expert advisor supports many currency pairs, such as USDCAD, GBPUSD, CHFJPY, GBPCAD, GBPAUD, USDCHF, EURAUD, and more.

Scott Fredeman is the author of this robot. He is based in the United States and is the owner of Destroy the Odds. According to his LinkedIn profile, Scott is a self-taught automated trading system engineer. He focuses on developing Forex expert advisors, and for now, his portfolio includes systems like the Blazing Night Scalper, Midnight Blitz, Trend Crusher, Aggressive Grid Sniper, etc. 

Applied strategies

The EA trades many strategies, including auto hands-free trading, reversal trading, day trading, day scalping, trending, semi-auto trading, night scalping using stop loss, and more. However, none of these techniques is explained.

Backtesting results for this EA are missing. For that reason, we cannot determine how any of the aforementioned strategies perform on historical data. 

Market Crusher Pro trading results

Live trading stats are provided, but their authenticity has not been verified. Nevertheless, let’s see what the data reports below: 

Live trading statistics on MQL5.

The above account was opened on May 19, 2022 and deposited at $500. After trading for 7 days, the robot made a profit of $19.74, which translates to a 3.95% growth rate. A low drawdown of 9.6% has been made. This means that the EA’s trading activities are not risky. 

Performance of trades.

We have 87 executed trades with an average profitability rate of 66.66%. Each trade is held for 7 hours, for the most part. So far, a profit factor of 1.26 has been reported, which suggests that the amounts of earnings brought in by the trades are small. For now, the average profit is $1.67, whereas the average loss is -$2.65. 

Pricing & refund

The EA’s pricing packages.

The Market Crusher Pro is being sold for $399. There are other two packages available, but they are renewable. For instance, we have a rental option that costs $149, and is renewed quarterly. A yearly package is also present and offered at $299. 

Other notes

The bot has a 5-star rating on MQL5 based on 5 reviews. One trader reveals that the system is profitable, while another says that Scott does excellent work and provides the best client care. There’s also a trader who is happy about the recently added strategies. 

User feedback on MQL5.


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