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The 5%ers Review


The 5%ers is a unique Forex trading firm that is renowned for its innovative approach to trading. Offering an unparalleled profit-sharing program, it provides traders with the opportunity to trade with the firm’s capital, thereby reducing the risk they bear. In this review, we will delve into the various aspects of The 5%ers, examining its pros, cons, and how it compares to its competition.


  1. Proprietary Trading Fund: The 5%ers is a proprietary trading fund that provides capital to skilled traders. This allows traders to access significant funds for trading without needing to invest their own money.
  2. Evaluation Process: Traders interested in joining The 5%ers go through a thorough evaluation process. This process assesses their trading skills, risk management abilities, and consistency in performance. Successful traders are then funded by The 5%ers.
  3. Profit Split: Traders who are funded by The 5%ers have the opportunity to earn a portion of the profits they generate. The specific profit split depends on the trader’s performance and the agreed-upon terms with The 5%ers.
  4. Risk Management: The 5%ers emphasize the importance of risk management in trading. They provide guidance and support to help traders develop effective risk management strategies to protect their capital.
  5. Training and Feedback: The 5%ers offer training programs and mentoring to help traders improve their skills and enhance their performance. Traders receive constructive feedback to help them refine their trading strategies.
  6. Supportive Community: Traders who join The 5%ers become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals. They can connect with other traders, share experiences, and learn from each other.
  7. Remote Trading Environment: The 5%ers provides a remote trading environment, allowing traders to trade from anywhere in the world. This flexibility enables traders to pursue their passion for trading while maintaining their desired lifestyle.
  8. Performance Analysis Tools: The 5%ers offers performance analysis tools to traders, enabling them to track and analyze their trading activities. These tools can help traders identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  9. Continuous Growth Opportunities: The 5%ers is committed to the continuous growth and development of its traders. They provide ongoing support, resources, and educational materials to help traders refine their skills and stay updated with market trends.

It’s important to note that the features offered by The 5%ers may evolve. For the most up-to-date information, I recommend visiting their official website or contacting them directly.

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Evaluation Process

The evaluation process of The 5%ers is a carefully designed mechanism to identify and nurture trading talent. Potential traders first need to go through a rigorous screening process, where their trading skills and aptitude are assessed. This includes an evaluation of their understanding of market dynamics, their ability to make data-driven decisions, and their adaptability to changing market conditions.

Once the initial screening is complete, traders are given a demo account to trade. Their performance in this demo phase is closely monitored, providing a real-world test of their trading abilities and risk management strategies. This phase is crucial as it gives The 5%ers a chance to scrutinize a trader’s decision-making process, their ability to manage losses, and their overall consistency in performance.

Successful candidates are then given a funded account by The 5%ers. At this stage, traders also undergo a mentorship program, where they receive personalized feedback and guidance from experienced traders. This process ensures that only capable and consistent traders are allowed to trade with The 5%ers’ capital.

In conclusion, The 5%ers’ evaluation process is comprehensive and effective, designed to bring out the best in traders while reducing risk for the firm.

Funding and Profit Split

The funding and profit split model at The 5%ers is one of the key factors that set it apart from competitors. Once traders pass the rigorous evaluation process, they are given a funded account by The 5%ers. This means that they’re essentially trading with the firm’s capital, considerably reducing the financial risk for the trader. The firm stands by its traders and shares the risk, demonstrating its confidence in the skills of its chosen traders.

In terms of profit split, The 5%ers implement a fair and transparent system. Traders are entitled to a portion of the profits they generate. The profit split is determined based on the trader’s performance and the agreed-upon terms with The 5%ers, heavily incentivizing skillful and consistent trading.

Overall, The 5%ers offer a remarkable opportunity for traders to participate in the financial markets with substantial capital backing them. The firm’s profit split arrangement provides a significant earnings potential, making it an attractive platform for talented traders globally.

Support and Resources

The 5%ers offers a robust support system and a plethora of resources designed to assist traders in their journey. The firm provides comprehensive training programs, focusing on various aspects of trading such as technical analysis, risk management, and strategic decision-making. Furthermore, traders have access to a mentorship program, where they receive personalized feedback and guidance from experienced traders. This not only helps in enhancing their trading skills but also aids in addressing individual areas of improvement.

In addition to this, The 5%ers also has a supportive community where traders can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other. This promotes a collaborative environment, fostering growth and learning. Moreover, traders can make use of the firm’s performance analysis tools, enabling them to track and analyze their trading activities, thereby facilitating informed decision-making. Lastly, The 5%ers is committed to the continuous growth and development of its traders, providing ongoing support, resources, and educational materials to help keep them abreast with market trends.

The 5%ers’ commitment to providing robust support and resources underscores its dedication to trader success, making it a reliable platform for traders seeking to hone their skills and achieve their trading goals.

Success Stories and Testimonials

The 5%ers boasts several success stories and testimonials from traders who have benefited from their platform. Traders from around the globe have expressed appreciation for the firm’s unique model, comprehensive support, and the opportunity to trade with a significant capital base.

One such success story is of John, a trader from Australia, who has seen considerable growth and success since joining The 5%ers. He praises the firm’s evaluation process, stating it helped him refine his trading strategies and improve his risk management skills. The ability to trade with the firm’s capital reduced his financial stress, allowing him to focus on making the best trading decisions. He commends the firm’s profit split arrangement as well, noting that it provides a substantial incentive to succeed.

Similarly, Sarah, a trader from the UK, values the training, resources, and mentorship provided by The 5%ers. She believes that these tools have been instrumental in her progress as a trader. The interactive community and the opportunity to learn from experienced traders have also enhanced her trading knowledge and decision-making capabilities.

These testimonials attest to the positive impact that The 5%ers can have on a trader’s career. The firm’s comprehensive support, substantial capital backing, and fair profit split system make it an attractive platform for traders seeking to push their trading careers to new heights.


  • Comprehensive evaluation process
  • Funded trading account with capital provided by The 5%ers
  • Attractive profit split model
  • Robust support and resources for traders to enhance their skills
  • Supportive community to facilitate learning and growth
  • Performance analysis tools for informed decision making
  • Positive success stories from traders worldwide


  • The 5%ers is a competitive platform and the evaluation process can be challenging for some.
  • Platform fees apply to traders who are accepted into the program.
  • As with any trading, there is no guarantee of success or profits.
  • The profit split model may not be ideal for traders who prefer fixed remuneration over performance-based earnings
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