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FTMO is a proprietary trading firm that aims to discover talented traders and empower them with significant trading capital. Established with a unique business model, it offers a performance-based platform for forex traders, providing them with educational resources, supportive trading conditions, and substantial capital to maximize their trading potential. This article will delve into an in-depth review of FTMO, its features, and its potential benefits for ambitious traders.

Overview of FTMO

FTMO, based in the Czech Republic, operates globally to foster a community of successful traders. The firm distinguishes itself by offering a unique ‘Trader Funding Program’. In this, traders undergo a two-step evaluation process to prove their trading skills. Successful candidates are then provided with a funded account and receive a share of the profits they generate, without risking their capital. The company also supports its traders with comprehensive educational materials, daily analytics, and risk-management features, aiming to cultivate an environment where traders can thrive. With a focus on forex trading, FTMO has established itself as a significant player in the proprietary trading scene.


FTMO offers several key features that make it a popular choice among traders. Here are some of the notable features of FTMO:

  1. Trading Challenges: FTMO provides traders with the opportunity to prove their skills and earn funding through their trading challenges. Traders can apply for an evaluation account and trade using FTMO’s specified rules and guidelines. If successful, they can progress to a verification account and eventually receive funding for their trading activities.
  2. Risk Management: FTMO emphasizes the importance of risk management in trading. They have specific profit targets and drawdown limits that traders must adhere to. This ensures that traders maintain disciplined risk management practices and helps protect them from significant losses.
  3. Funding Conditions: FTMO offers various funding options based on the trader’s performance during the evaluation and verification stages. Traders can choose from different account sizes and funding options, allowing them to scale up their trading capital as they progress.
  4. Account Protection: FTMO provides a unique account protection feature called the Loss Protection Program. This program protects traders’ accounts from potential losses during the evaluation stage. If a trader incurs a loss in the evaluation account, FTMO covers it, providing a safety net and allowing traders to continue their journey toward funding.
  5. Support and Education: FTMO offers comprehensive support and educational resources to traders. They provide access to a community of traders where members can share insights and experiences. FTMO also offers educational materials, webinars, and coaching sessions to help traders improve their skills and knowledge.
  6. Transparency and Credibility: FTMO has built a strong reputation for transparency and credibility in the trading industry. Their funding process is based on objective criteria, and they have a robust system in place to evaluate and verify traders’ performance. Traders can rely on FTMO for fair and unbiased evaluations.

These features combine to make FTMO an attractive option for traders looking to earn funding and showcase their skills in a disciplined and risk-managed manner.

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Account Types and Conditions

FTMO offers four main types of trading accounts: the Challenge, Verification, FTMO Account, and Free Trial.

  • The Challenge Account: This is the initial evaluation stage where traders prove their skills. FTMO presents specific objectives that traders must meet within 30 trading days. The main conditions include a maximum loss limit, a minimum trading days requirement, and a profit target.
  • Verification Account: Upon successful completion of the Challenge, traders move to the Verification stage. The conditions in this stage are more lenient, with traders getting 60 trading days to achieve a reduced profit target. The drawdown rules also become less strict.
  • FTMO Account: Successful completion of the Verification stage results in the trader receiving the FTMO Account. This is a fully funded trading account, and traders receive 70% of the profits they generate. Profit splits are carried out monthly, and there are no restrictions on withdrawals.
  • Free Trial: FTMO also offers a Free Trial account for traders who want to familiarize themselves with the platform and conditions before opting for the Challenge Account. It replicates the conditions of the Challenge Account but does not result in funding.

Each of these account types has clearly defined conditions regarding maximum loss, profit targets, and minimal trading days. Traders are also free to choose from a wide range of financial instruments, including Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.

Trading Challenges and Objectives

The central concept of FTMO’s platform is the trading challenge. Traders are tasked with demonstrating their trading competence and discipline in managing risk over a fixed period. The objectives of the trading challenge revolve around three main criteria:

  1. Profit Target: Traders must hit a specific profit target within the stipulated time. This target aims to prove the trader’s ability to generate consistent profits.
  2. Maximum Loss Limit: Traders must not exceed the maximum loss limit set for the challenge period. This limit tests the trader’s risk management skills and their ability to limit drawdowns.
  3. Minimum Trading Days: The challenge requires traders to trade for a minimum number of days during the challenge period. This ensures that the trader’s performance is consistent and not based on a few lucky trades.

These objectives have been designed to assess a trader’s abilities comprehensively. By accomplishing these objectives, traders prove they have the necessary skills to manage a larger portfolio responsibly and profitably.

Support and Resources

FTMO places a strong emphasis on providing continuous support and valuable resources to its traders. They’ve established a community where traders can interact, share insights, and learn from each other’s experiences. In addition, FTMO has a comprehensive library of educational materials that cover a wide array of topics, including trading strategies, risk management, and market analysis. These materials come in various formats such as articles, webinars, and videos, catering to different learning preferences. Furthermore, FTMO provides personalized coaching sessions for traders seeking more in-depth knowledge and understanding of specific trading aspects. By providing this support and resources, FTMO ensures traders are well-equipped to navigate the financial markets and perform at their best.

User Feedback and Reviews

FTMO has received positive feedback and reviews from many of its users. Traders appreciate the platform’s transparency, supportive environment, and the opportunity to trade with significant funding. Many users have highlighted the valuable learning experiences they’ve gained from the trading challenges. They commend the educational resources provided, stating that they have helped improve their trading skills and knowledge. Negative comments are minimal but revolve around the strictness of the challenge rules and the pressure to meet set targets within a specific period. However, most users agree that these conditions are necessary to instill discipline and risk management skills. Overall, the general sentiment among users is satisfaction with the services and opportunities provided by FTMO.


  • Comprehensive trading challenges that test a trader’s skills
  • Fully funded accounts for successful traders
  • A comprehensive library of educational materials and coaching sessions
  • Established a community of experienced traders
  • Positive user feedback and reviews


  • Strict rules and conditions regarding maximum loss, profit targets, and minimum trading days
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