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Swing VIP EA Review

Swing VIP EA

Swing VIP EA is advertised as a 100% automated trading system, which boasts to be one of ‘the most trusted and downloaded’ tools in 2020 able to ‘generate 76% win rate’. SinryAdvice team, the developers of this EA, adds that with the Swing VIP EA, traders can make 16%-30% profits monthly. Moreover, they believe that because of the Price Action approach used by this trading system, their robot is an excellent compliment to any robot collection of a trader.

Well, it sounds great, but the question arises: is the info we see on the sinryadvice.com valid or just a simple marketing approach to attract trader’s attention and make them invest their funds in this trading tool? We are here to answer the question and provide you with a detailed Swing VIP EA review.

Swing VIP EA presentation

How Swing VIP EA Robot Works

The first thing we see on the sinryadvice website is the following:

How Swing VIP EA Robot Works

We are unsure of what statistics they have used to come up with these numbers. In case they mean that Swing VIP EA is the most ‘downloaded tool’ on their website, that is possible, but if they mean the Forex market, that is far from the truth. Taking into account that it is a new vendor, they do not have the reach to come across the best EAs in the Forex market when it comes to the total downloads.

Swing VIP EA results

Their website presentation includes brief product information, myfxbook trading results, general info and a short video of how the system works, features of Swing VIP EA, user manual of how to install the software, setting recommendations, strategy details, FAQ section, ‘About Sinry Advice’ information and client reviews.

The team behind this EA claims that they have delivered 560 orders and that Swing VIP EA is priced 562% lower compared to the ones of their competitors. They claim that the software they put on the market has a 76% win rate. Unfortunately, we could check out only one of the above-mentioned numbers – win rate:

Swing VIP EA advanced statistics

As you may see, the win rate for shorts won is 66%, while longs won it is 64%, but not the promised “76%”.

The robot is said to work on 5 currency pairs and on 5 min time frame on the MT4 platform:

Swing VIP EA currency pairs

The main features of this robot are as follows:

  • Based on price action and trend trading strategies
  • Trades 5 symbols simultaneously
  • Low drawdown
  • The recommended lot size for every $500 fund is 0.01
  • 3 years of testing
  • 1-time payment
  • 14 days money-back guarantee

Applied Strategies

The system uses:

Swing VIP EA Applied Strategies

The EA uses these tactics on five symbols with five min time frame, opening as well as closing trades automatically.

SinryAdvice team tells us that Swing VIP EA is based on 2 trading strategies: Price Action strategy and Trend Trading Strategy:

Swing VIP EA Applied Strategies

The main goal of their trading approach is to keep drawdowns low even with default settings. Historically, developers fail to provide detailed information about their trading approach, and those who do it, never bring it all together with trading results.

Unfortunately, we cannot analyze the previous trading performance of this EA, because the developers failed to provide backtests for Swing VIP EA on their sales page. Therefore, we cannot say how the EA performed with five currency pairs or how the robot could manage trading with different risks and market conditions.

Swing VIP EA Trading Results

Well, this part of every robot review is one of the most important ones. It is a good deal that the SinryAdvice team provides myfxbook-trading results of their EA on their website. Let’s see what we have.

Swing VIP EA Trading Results

It is a real USD trading account, which works on the MT4 platform and trades with FBS brokerage with a high leverage of 1:1000. This account was added on June 14, 2020, with the initial deposit of $10000. The absolute gain is +75, 12%, while the monthly gain equals 11, 23%. For 5 months of trading, the robot has brought over $7K of profit.

Swing VIP EA Myfxbook

The peak drawdown was 27, 85%:

Swing VIP EA drawdown

We need to say that trading with high drawdown and maximum leverage is one of the shortest possible ways to close all trades by reaching the stop out level of the required margin.

Since June 14, the robot has placed 603 trades and 5969, 9 pips. It has won 395 out of 603 trades, which represents 66%. The longs’ win rate is 64%, while the short’s win rate is 66%. The average win is higher than the average loss: $35, 37 vs $31, 05. The average trade length is 2 days and the profit factor is 2, 16.

Swing VIP EA trading results

The robot trades 5 currency pairs:

Swing VIP EA trading results

The best trading results are achieved with the EURUSD currency pair – $1913, 52.

The robot trades every day, from Monday to Friday during European and American sessions:

Swing VIP EA trading results
Swing VIP EA trading results

As you may see on the screenshot below, the robot’s lot size varies and it uses hedging to open new trades in the same direction.

Swing VIP EA trading results

Pricing & Refund

Swing VIP EA is available to buy on the SinryAdvice website where it comes with a $152 discount and is available to buy only for $98.0 (regular price is $250).

Swing VIP EA Pricing

The package includes:

  • Default setting which can be used
  • 2 account licenses: 1 Real and 1 Demo
  • 1-time payment
  • Free updates
  • 14 days money-back guarantee (it is not enough to try the robot and most developers offer 30-60 days money-back guarantee)

Fake Customer Reviews

We see a 5-star rating based on 26 reviews.

Swing VIP EA Customer Reviews

The devs provide us with fake customer feedback on their website. These reviews cannot be verified and we cannot get in touch with people who’ve left reviews on their website.

Swing VIP EA Customer Reviews

We never trust feedback written on the websites of developers, as they can easily be manipulated, paid, or concocted.


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