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Standard FX Review

Standard FX
Standard FX offers us 20% of the weekly profit

Standard FX is a company that provides PAMM-services. The service provider offers us 20% of the weekly profit. The company can trade Forex, Bitcoin, and Binary accounts.

How Standard FX Works

How Standard FX Works

It’s hard to say something for sure about this service because it looks like a reference scam. 

  • The company “guarantees” 20% of the weekly gain.
  • They have a “long-standing” experience of trading Forex.
Standard FX - banners forex brokers
  • It looks like they even didn’t check the site how everything looks after posting.
  • The first link is featured by their referral program.
Standard FX presentation
  • Can you imagine that a person who writes with a bunch of mistakes and doesn’t want to use Grammarly is able to make us richer?
  • We keep controlling our account.
Standard FX presentation
  • It sounds like a good joke. We’re sure that criteria should be different. 
  • The minimum PAMM investment is $1000.
  • We can fund our account by Local Bank Deposit,  Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency), Mastercard, Bankwire, Webmoney, Perfect Money.
  • Clients from Nigeria should open an account on Nigeria’s broker.
  • We’re free to withdraw the account whenever we want.
Standard FX presentation
  • Several hundred trades daily? It sounds like a bad joke.
Standard FX mission
  • The screenshot looks out of place because the vendor tells nothing about trading indexes.
Standard FX Core values
  • Core values sound ridiculous because they’re proved by anything.
Standard FX core vision
  • Their core vision is not to make us rich but to be recognized. It’s a nonsense goal.
Standard FX - about the company
  • Several lines “about” the company ended with Wiki-materials about what the Forex is up to. 
Standard FX presentation
  • Do you still want to allow them to trade your account?

Applied Strategies

There’s no strategy behind it because this service is a scam.

Standard FX Trading Results

Standard FX Trading Results

The “trading results” is the wall of fake screenshots.

Standard FX Trading Results

Just take a look at this photoshopped screenshot.

Standard FX Trading Results

We’re not sure if this account belongs to the site owner.

Standard FX Myfxbook

It’s a real USD account on Pepperstone. The EA works automatically, using Technical indicators with 1:500 leverage in the MetaTrader 5 platform. The account has a verified track record. It was created on May 06, 2020, funded at $2050, and withdrawn at $1521. The absolute gain became +157.12%. An average monthly gain is +13.88%. The maximum drawdown is insane – 82.63%.

Standard FX drawdown

Since July 2020, the EA has been experiencing one huge drawdown period. 

Standard FX advanced statistics

It closed 1741 deals with 6311 pips. An average win (9.89 pips) is three and a half times fewer than an average loss (-34.11 pips). The win-rate is between 81% for Longs and 91% for Shorts. An average trade length is two days. The Profit Factor is 1.44.

Standard FX trading results

The EA works only with EUR/USD. The most profits were brought from the SELL direction – $445.86.

Standard FX trading results

It focuses on opening trades during an American trading session.

Standard FX trading results

Trading activity by days looks weird too. Most deals were opened on Wednesday.

Standard FX trading results

The EA runs the account with sky-high risks to the account balance. There’s a 53% chance to lose 10% of the account.

Standard FX monthly gain

Monthly trading results are unpredictable too. The system can’t provide stable profits.

Pricing & Refund

Standard FX Pricing & Refund
  • This is the first we see in pricing. What did they mean when making this picture? What does #350/$ mean? 
Standard FX - software
  • The next we see is they try to sell some kind of software. Wait for a sec? You told me about a PAMM service.
  • Is it an EA or an Indicator? From the name, it seems like this is an indicator. If yes, indicators never cost that much. A common indicator costs not more than $70. 
  • The software is a “secret” behind the success. Of course, it is a lie because you have to prove that you have something that can be interesting for us. 
  • Why do we need to tell you how much currency we want to buy? Who are you?
Standard FX - how to sell
  • It sounds like nonsense (see the screenshot above).
  • The developer said nothing about a money-back guarantee for the V2 Signal Forex Software. 

We’re sure that this service isn’t worth its price. Frankly, it isn’t worth any price because it’s an iconic scam. They have “something” that “can” make us rich only if we pay $500 in advance. There’s even nothing to discuss.

People’s feedback

There’s no people feedback, neither on-site nor Google. It’s because every single person in the world seeing this site can think only that this service is a scam. So, no purchases – no feedback.


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