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Signal Factory Review

Signal Factory

Signal Factory is a signal-providing company that focuses on generating them for Forex markets. The presentation looks common and includes some information about what we have to expect from the system and its functionality. The main claim informs us that “Best Forex Signals From Live & Profitable Professional Traders.” So, it’s time to check it out.

How Signal Factory works

The presentation includes not so much information about what we have to expect from this service if we decide to follow it.

  • The signals are the best and should make us profitable very quickly.
  • “Signal Factory provides a bridge between professional Forex traders and retail traders that are looking for real time advice.”
  • The execution can be performed automatically on our terminal.
  • The devs claimed that the main account works live.
  • It can manage drawdowns on the low level.
  • The community counts over 45,000 satisfied traders.
  • This claim doesn’t look trustworthy.
  • They don’t include Martingale lot sizes.
  • it works with only fixed lot sizes.
  • If the account goes unprofitable, it’s delisted immediately.
  • They receive signals from various sources and unite them under their service. 
  • We can decide what risk level we are going to work with.
  • The developers allow us to use an account that we want to.
  • There are no hidden commissions. 
  • The service isn’t sewed to any broker house.

Applied strategies

  • We don’t know details about the strategy.
  • The system works without trading cross pairs mentioned.
  • We have no intel about time frames.

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports. This looks suspicious because the system had to be properly checked before the developers decided to provide signals from it to people. We’d like to see the final report with a broker mentioned. It’s important to understand which broker works the best. Also, the report would provide us with data about risks, drawdowns, profitability, win rate, and so on.

Signal Factory trading results

The same picture we have when we talk about trading results. The devs showed no information about current trading activities on the real account that was mentioned by them. This looks suspicious. We don’t know what results the system can achieve working here and now and this doesn’t increase a level of trust to it. Usually, the similar services provide trading results verified by Myfxbook, FXBlue, FXStat, or at least MQL5.

Pricing & refund

Signal Factory pricing details.

There are various packages on the board to choose from. The Telegram News Package is available for $49.99 monthly. The Algobot Gold Trade Copier pack costs $199.99 a month. The Algobot signals package can be purchased for $99.99 for every month. The Algobot Trade Copier costs $199.99 monthly. Now, we know about the Algobot advisor, but the devs don’t provide information about it. The offers don’t include a refund policy applied. 

People feedback

A page of Signal Factory on FPA.

There’s a page of the company on Forex Peace Army. We have three reviews written that formed a 2.081 rate.

People testimonials on FPA.

People weren’t satisfied with the quality of the service they had.

Other notes

So, the deves hide so much from us, not allowing us to make a wise decision about the system. The presentation doesn’t look professional, alas.


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