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Darwin Evolution Review

Darwin Evolution

Darwin Evolution is a trading advisor that has mediocre success on the MQL5 site. The presentation is a bit above average. So, it’s okay. We are here to figure out how good the system is. 

How Darwin Evolution works

The presentation includes details about features, settings, strategies, and other important information. 

  • The advisor lets us be working with markets completely automatically. 
  • The developer claimed that the current price of $999 is a discounted one. The ultimate one will be $1490. 
  • “You can not make a Backtest of this EA, it will open orders without any logic!” It’s called random trading. It’s dangerous. 
  • “To understand the operation, come and read the blog (this EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading … If you like my way of seeing things, then you will like my EA.” We don’t know how we can trust this statement. 
  • It executes orders on both: demo and real accounts. 
  • The advisor tries to mimic manual trading. 
  • The risks are average. 
  • It’s “for a long-term vision, it’s not a fast scalper.”
  • The advisor can skip trading for a few weeks. 
  • The open position can be flowing for a huge period.  
  • There’s a possibility to recover after losses. 
  • It uses 8 indicators and filters. 
  • We are free to work with any broker. 
  • There’s a news filter implemented. 
  • Risks may be set on percent to margin. . 
  • The default risks are 5%. They are high ones. 
  • The system can trade in both directions at the same time.
  • It’s called Hedging. 
  • The minimum deposit requirements are $200. 
  • The leverage should be 1:30.
  • “You can not make a “real” backtest of this strategy (I am the only one to do it because it is necessary to put the news integrated and import the actual ticks).”
  • “The EA uses 2 main strategies, and MT5 can not make the Backtest of both at the same time (making the Backtest of the two strategies completely changes the results).” This sounds like a lie as there is no proof provided.

Applied strategies

  • There’s no clear vision about the trading strategy for this robot. 
  • We can work on 28 cross pairs at once. 
  • The robot can trade on the M1 time frame. 
  • The recommended settings are EURUSD on the M1 time frame.
Darwin Evolution backtest report.

We have a final report that united all tested pairs in one testing run. The absolute profit has become $25,930. An average annual profit was 127.09%. The robot executed 185 deals with a 7.77 profit factor. The win rate was 89.12%. The maximum drawdown was 2.64%. 

Darwin Evolution trading results

Darwin Evolution live trading results.

The system works on an account on ThinkMarket with a €5000 deposit. The leverage is 1:500 with the maximum deposit load of 2.2%. The win rate is 92.9%, when the maximum drawdown was 5.8%. 

Darwin Evolution trading details.

An average trading frequency is 0 because the advisor doesn’t trade every week. An average trade length is one day. 

Darwin Evolution growth chart.

We have no trading activities that occurred in December 2021. 

Darwin Evolution closed orders.

The last order was opened over a month ago. 

Darwin Evolution statistics.

The advisor has closed 14 orders. The best trade is €85, while the worst trade is -€52.18. The recovery factor is 5.87 when the profit factor is 5.38. An average monthly profitability is 0.00%. 

Darwin Evolution distribution.

AUDJPY and AUDUSD are the most active pairs to work with.

Pricing & refund

Darwin Evolution pricing.

Let’s talk about an offer. The advisor can be bought for $999. There’s only one rental option for $690. These prices should be decreased three times. Demo downloading is still available. 

People feedback

People testimonials on MQL5.

The presentation is featured by some positive testimonials from people who purchased the system. 

Other notes

The dev’ profile on MQL5.

Guillaume Duportal is a self-employed developer from the United Arab Emirates with a 1307 rate. His portfolio has a 5 star rate based on 9 reviews.


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