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SFE Price Action Review

SFE Robot

Welcome back! We’ve got an SFE (smart Forex Expert) robot for further review. The robot doesn’t use hedge, martingale, grid, or any other type of dangerous practices. “Counting on a 10-year backtest period and more than 5.0 years of live-action since mid-2014, it shows the EA’s great adaptability to any type of structural behavior in the market, in trend or sideways,” devs said. The robot doesn’t need sophisticated trading conditions or high execution speed. It performs at any broker. SFE runs on the M5 timeframe.

SFE Price Action trading results

SFE Robot Myfxbook

It’s a real EUR account on IC Markets with 1:200 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The robot has been launched to trade in August 2015. During almost 5 years, the forex robot provided +547% of the total gain. Most of the profit has been got during the first two years. The monthly gain is 3.31%. The max drawdown is 5.81%.

SFE Robot advanced statistics

There have been traded 22358 trades with 294847 pips. The average win (6 EUR) equaled the average loss (-7 EUR). The average win-rate is between 56% and 58%. The average trade length is 7 hours. The profit factor was 1.15.

SFE Robot statistics

AS we can see from the spreadsheet, the robot works well with the next pairs: EUR/AUD, EUR/USD, NZD/USD, and XAU/USD.

SFE Robot statistics

It mostly focuses on trading during the European trading session.

SFE Robot statistics

The robot runs with 1-2% of the risks.

SFE Robot monthly gain
SFE Robot monthly gain

As we can see, the robot trades unpredictable during the last two-three years. In March 2020, the robot received the 4th version of itself. As the dev said: “new highs finally for SFE Price Action now that seems that this long period of the weak market is ending.”

People feedback

SFE Robot feedback

Last two years these comments were the most prevalent.

Pricing & Refund

SFE costs extremely high – $1500. Renting is available for 3 months for $300. 

Is SFE good or a scammer?


  • Strategy explanations provided
  • Real EUR 3rd-party verified trading results
  • 17 currency pairs trading


  • SFE has been trading badly during the last two years
  • Low “profit factor”
  • Mostly negative people comments
  • Extremely high price
Overall rating
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