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Screti Forex Robot Review


Today we are going to analyze Screti Forex Robot that uses a trend trending approach and is designed to provide traders with ‘easy money without any efforts’. The dev of this MT5 software claims that his ‘expert advisors will be the only ones you want to use’. The main product offered on the official site of the developer is called ‘Jack Flash Bundle7 EAs’, which is currently available to buy with a huge discount.

So, what is a Screti Forex Robot? How does it work? Is it worth its price? What should we know about it? Keep on reading our review to know all the important data of this software, vendor transparency, risk factors, and many more.

How Screti Forex Robot Works

The developer of these MetaTrader 5 tools is Mario Daniele Screti, located Switzerland. Currently he is offering seven EAs that use advanced Artificial Intelligence capabilities to:

Screti Forex Robot about

Mario has his profile on the MQL5, where he offers 5 signals through the MQL5 platform. 

Screti Forex Robot presentation
Screti Forex Robot presentation

Website presentation consists of a brief product description, listing top Screti Forex Robot features, recommendations on what brokers to use, and a free trial, which allows traders to test their EAs on a Demo account before purchase. 

Screti Forex Robot Demo account

The main product the dev offers is ‘Jack Flash Bundle7 EAs’. The main features of the Screti Forex Robot collection are:

  • Built for MT5 platform
  • Robots are performed for  EURUSD and EURCHF symbols
  • Run-on M1 to H1 timeframe
  • Based on different indicators, like moving average, CCI, RSI, and Stoch
  • Min. deposit for each EA is $200
  • 100% automated EA
  • Defines perfect trend and analytic trades
  • Promises monthly return of up to 50%
Screti Forex Robot features
Screti Forex Robot trading conditions
Screti Forex Robot features

The developer of this MT5 tool recommends using all 7 EAs simultaneously, so traders have to run seven charts with one expert advisor on each. However, we have found the following info on the official website of the developer:

Screti Forex Robot trading conditions

It’s obvious that the system uses a risky and dangerous trading approach to get a monthly return which equals 35%- 40%. 

Applied Strategies

Unfortunately, the developer of Screti Forex Robot failed to provide a detailed trading strategy insight. We have only found that the software analyzes trend direction and uses hedging. It is all we know about the strategic approach of this software.

What about each EA and its trading methodology? No word is said. Unfortunately, it is a common problem for most developers. Lack of information is a lack of trust and transparency to the brand and its vendor. 

In addition to this, we have not found backtesting results to compare the past trading performance of this Forex system with the present one.

Screti Forex Robot Trading Results

The developer is showing fxblue trading results on the Screti Forex Robot website. To tell the truth, we prefer the myfxbook platform, as the trading results it provides are easier to analyze and review. Moreover, it is a more trustworthy platform. In Fxblue we frequently find many discrepancies that are not shown in myfxbook results. 

Screti Forex Robot Screti Forex Robot Trading Results
Screti Forex Robot Screti Forex Robot Trading Results

This trading account was uploaded on July 22, 2020. For over 175 days of trading, the EA has obtained a total return of 384.9%, with a monthly return of +6.5% and an unknown drawdown. It is a real USD semi-verified trading account, which is trading 3 currency pairs: EURCHF, EURUSD, and USDCHF (How? The dev says that the system supports only 2 symbols).

Screti Forex Robot Screti Forex Robot Trading Results

Since July the robot has placed 1557 trades (8.9 trades/day) with an average trade length of 5.40h, a win rate of 76.9%, and a high-profit factor that equals 2.95. 

Screti Forex Robot Screti Forex Robot Trading Results

Its risk-reward ratio is 1:1 with an average loss coming in at -3.85 and an average win coming in at +3.43.

Screti Forex Robot Screti Forex Robot Trading Results

We are concerned that there is no info about drawdown performance. It looks suspicious and odd.

Screti Forex Robot Screti Forex Robot Trading Results

Pricing & Refund

‘Jack Flash Bundle7 EAs’ is currently available with 70%off and comes for €99 (because of the Black Friday Sale). To get this software we have to click on the ‘Buy now’ button. 

Screti Forex Robot Pricing

Those who are interested in the Pro version will need to pay €99-€299 for 1 EA. 

Screti Forex Robot Pricing

Customer Reviews 

Unfortunately, we have found no customer review on the web.


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