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Robin Vol 3 Robot Review

Robin Vol 3 Robot

The Robin Vol 3 Robot has been introduced as “a new version has been made from scratch, so there are notable differences with respect to RobinVOL 2 at all levels.” If it was designed from the “scratch” the robot can’t be named as the previous one. It’s just logic.

The robot features:

  • Weekend protection.
  • Advanced risk management.
  • Bracket stop loss/take profit.
  • Calculating operation sizes to specify the size in the account currency.
  • Encreased amount of symbols and time frames.
  • Entries, exits, and trade management are always based on market conditions. Everything is adapted to the recent volatility of the market.

Robin Vol 3 Robot trading results

Robin Vol 3 Robot Myfxbook

The devs provided links on the 5 accounts. One has been removed. The rest three like this one has the robot stopped or zeroed.

Robin Vol 3 Robot Myfxbook

It’s the last one that works. So, it’s a real USD account traded through FXDD with 1:200 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. It’s been funded at $2101 about 5 years ago. During these years, the fx robot provided +69.5% of the total gain. The monthly gain is 0.88% and the max drawdown is 10.88%.

Robin Vol 3 Robot advanced statistics

As you can see from the tables, 2020 has brought no profit but losses. During the five-year period, the robot performed 6704 deals with 18199 pips. Win-rate has been between 47% and 49%. The average trade length is over 6 hours. The profit factor is 1.13.

Robin Vol 3 Robot statistics

The robot tries to trade four currency pairs. 

Robin Vol 3 Robot statistics

Most of the trades have been opened during the European trading session. So, it works mostly like a day trading robot.

Robin Vol 3 Robot statistics

It runs with quite low risks.

Robin Vol 3 Robot statistics

The last two days have brought 14 lost trades in a row, as well as, the robot trades without placing SL/TP levels.

Robin Vol 3 Robot monthly gain
Robin Vol 3 Robot monthly gain

Trading results are complete good-for-nothing. There were 6 profitable months and 10 with losses.

Pricing & Refund

Robin Vol 3 Robot offer

The robot costs insane money ($400). Devs provided no explanations of what we’ll receive after payment and anything about availability of the money-back guarantee.

Is Robin Vol 3 Robot a scam?


  • No backtests provided
  • Strategies explained not quite well
  • No settings explanations provided
  • Horrible trading results on all accounts
  • The last 14 trades have been closed with the loss
  • Insane price
  • No explanations about what we’ll get after payment


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