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R Factor EA Review

R Factor EA

R Factor EA is a brand new Forex robot launched on 9th January 2021 that claims to have 3 years’ worth of results showing profitable trades and has been created after four years of rigorous development. This Forex EA possesses a dynamic system that automatically manages your portfolio for the best possible results. Of course, we need to judge for ourselves if it is capable of producing these results by going through all the information available on this system.

How R Factor EA Works

On the MQL5 page of R Factor EA, the vendor tells us about the unique strategy employed by the system. The impact of market cycles or trader’s psychology has been discussed briefly and links have been provided for signals that depict the performance of the Forex EA. There are several screenshots of these live performance results, where the profitable months have been highlighted.

The developer is Raphael Minato, who is a Brazilian trader with more than 16 years of experience in the stock, options, and futures market and around seven years of experience in the Forex market. On his profile, we found a link to a YouTube video showing impressive backtesting results for this robot. We don’t know anything more about the developer or whether he has developed such systems in the past. 

The vendor recommends using an ECN account for trading since it is characterized by a fair commission and low spread. He also maintains a Telegram Group where you can furnish evidence of your purchase to know about the latest sets, strategies, and developments in the Forex market. The minimum deposit is quite low for this robot, with $30 being the minimum for a single pair and $100 for the entire portfolio containing 12 pairs. 

Applied Strategies

R Factor EA uses an algorithm based on the Kelly Criterion Management, and this assigns importance to profitable pairs, while simultaneously reducing the extent to which the losing pairs affect your portfolio. By growing the profitable pairs in your portfolio, you can drastically enhance the potential of earning recent and future profits. 

The vendor mentions that this makes the portfolio more volatile, but since the promise of high profit is there, you are much more likely to get high returns by taking an optimum amount of risk. This Forex EA does not use Martingale or Averaging and trades in a single pair for a particular trading occasion. Take profits and stop losses are defined for every trade and positions are exited based on an intelligent scheme.

R Factor EA backtesting data

Here, we have the backtesting data R Factor EA, where we can see the results from 2018 to 2021. The initial deposit was 30 AUD, after which additional deposits of 306.07 AUD were made and from this, the system generated a profit of 671.75 AUD. It seems most of the trading months were quite profitable, apart from April and October in 2020. 

And, it seems the system makes five trades per week on average, so we can tell that there is no risk of overtrading with this robot. The cumulative profit and the account balance show a steady rise and this makes us think that this system provides a constant stream of profit for Forex traders.

R Factor EA Trading Results

No verified live trading results exist for R Factor EA, which is truly disappointing. But, considering the fact that this was only launched recently, we can assume that the vendor will provide such results in the future. While the backtesting results look quite promising, we also need real and verified live results to compare them.

Pricing & Refund

You can purchase R Factor EA for $499, but the robot can also be rented for 3 months at $150. There is also the option of trying out the free demo version of the software, where you can check its profitability before applying it in the live market. No money-back guarantee is provided by the vendor, which, we must say, is a bad sign.

Customer Reviews

We were unable to find customer reviews for R Factor EA or popular review websites, such as Forexpeacearmy and Trustpilot. Of course, we weren’t expecting many people to know about a Forex EA that was only released recently, but potential customers always look for user reviews while buying a product. While there are some customer testimonials on the MQL5 page, we need a more authentic source of user reviews.

Overall rating
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