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Price Action Forex Ltd Review

Price Action Forex

Price Action Forex (PAFX) assures accuracy of over 90%. It claims to provide consistent results that ensure profitable trades. This FX trading service boasts more than 6000 VIP members. The team here consists of expert analysts who provide 3 to 8 signals per day. 

As per the vendor, the PAFX team uses proper risk management that ensures the losses are reduced and profits are enhanced. Even though Forex is a volatile market, the company promises a detailed signal that includes SL and TP and a risk to reward ratio of 1:2 at the least. 

How Price Action Forex Ltd works

Features of Price Action Forex Ltd.

This service is part of the services offered by Price Action Ltd. Other than having a registered domain, we cannot find info on the vendor. There are no details related to the founding year, location address, phone number, etc. The lack of info raises a red flag. For support, the vendor offers email and a Telegram link. Users can also contact via the Facebook messenger link of the company.

According to the vendor, the signals include important features like small stop losses, a trailing SL occasionally to reduce risk and a 1:2 risk to reward ratio. About 5 to 8 signals are sent through Telegram based on the analyzes of the expert traders. 

Recommendations for risk management include 1 to 2% risk for every trade or the use of the risk calculator provided on the site. The vendor also provides a list of recommended brokers which includes VantageFX, Hot Forex, IC Market, etc.

The vendor assures that the main objective is to achieve considerably large pips per week to increase profits. Big market moves in the New York and London sessions are capitalized on by the company to provide profitable trades. 

Applied strategies

Other than mentioning that they use several trading strategies the company does not specify the approaches used. Both swing trades and intraday trading are executed with the signals generated. The lack of explanation raises doubts about the reliability of the firm. No backtests are present which further confirms our suspicion.

Price Action Forex Ltd trading results

Trading results of Price Action Forex Ltd.

No proven trading results are present for the service. While there are some results that the vendor provides, they are not verified. From the lack of a proven track record, we suspect this is an unreliable service.

The vendor claims that they can provide consistent results with an accuracy of over 90% that helps in high profits and a low drawdown. A target of 500 to 800 pips per week is set by the vendor with the claims of winning around 8 out of 10 trades resulting in a monthly profit of 30%. But the lack of proof for the claim raises a red flag.

Pricing & refund

Pricing plans for Price Action Forex Ltd.
Features included in the pricing packages.

There are five different subscription plans available. These include the Novice plan that costs $40 per month, the intermediate plan, which is for 3 months and costs $24 per month, the advanced plan for 6 months costing $20 per month, the professional plan for 12 months costing $13 per month, and the Expert plan time payment of $224.

As per the info on the FAQ section, the vendor also provides free signals, analysis, and projections via its free Telegram channel.

Some of the features the packages come with include 24/7 monitoring of expert traders, 3 to 8 signals, 24/7 support for queries and trading-related issues, technical analysis of the signal, and a free eBook. The price is on par with other subscription plans and as with the competitors, there is no money-back assurance. 

Other notes

We found 55 reviews for this company on the Forexpeacearmy site with an overall rating of 1.431/5. Here are a few of the recent feedback users have given for this company.

User complaining of the big losses by Price Action Forex Ltd.
User claiming Price Action Forex Ltd. is a scam

From the testimonials, we can see that users consider the company a scam as it has produced huge losses without much gain. One of the users mentions that the results are not as promised by the vendor and that the company does not heed the refund requests.

Overall rating
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