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Forex Pulse Detector Review

Forex Pulse Detector

Forex Pulse Detector is a robot that is a part of the portfolio of Automated Forex Tools. We can “take advantage of the market impulse.” As we may note, we have a short timed offer to pay for one and get one free. 

How Forex Pulse Detector works

The presentation includes many details and other important information provided. 

  • The trading advisor focuses on trading automatically for us. No extra effort is needed. 
  • We can trade the next pairs: GBP/USD and EUR/GBP.
  • Indicators behind the system check where the market goes in every single moment. 
  • We can customize the robot for working with other currency pairs. 
  • The main time frame to work with is M15.
  • The system opens orders frequently on the terminal. 
  • We can use it only in the low time frame.
  • We can open trades manually or manage existing ones. 
  • We can run the robot on Mac or Windows PCs. 
Forex Pulse Detector features.
  • The robot uses Martingale to recover if we want. 
  • We can apply the system to any broker house that we want.
  • It can hide SL and TP levels from being eaten by a broker. 
  • There is high slippage and high spreads protection.
  • The system can be customized if we need this. 
  • It has a money-management feature. 
  • We can work with it easily. 
  • We can enjoy 24/7 support.
  • The minimal deposit requirements start from $1000. 

Applied strategies

  • The system works with most likely a trend strategy. There’s Martingale in addition. 
  • GBPUSD and EURGBP pairs are allowed to be traded. 
  • We can work on the M15 time frame. 
Forex Pulse Detector backtest.

There’s a EUR/GBP report on the M15 time frame published. The modeling quality was 90.00% with two pips spreads. An initial deposit was set at $10,000. It turned into $13,994 of the total net profit. The profit factor was 4.97. Forex Pulse Detector has closed 1413 deals. The win rate was 76% for shorts and 78% for longs.

Forex Pulse Detector trading results

Forex Pulse Detector trading results.

We have only a USC account on Alpari NZ working automatically with 1:500 leverage on the MT4 platform. 

The account has a verified track record. It was created on April 14, 2020, and deposited at 10,523 USC. Since then, the absolute gain has become 17.00%. An average monthly gain is 0.92%. The maximum drawdown is 6.59%. Three traders look for the system trading results. 

Forex Pulse Detector details.

There were 466 orders with 807.6 pips obtained. An average win is 13.83 pips when an average loss is -22.55 pips. The accuracy rate for Longs is 72% and 65% for Shorts. An average trade length is almost 15 hours. The Profit Factor is 2.34.

Forex Pulse Detector directions.

GBPUSD is the only pair traded on this account. The system trades the shorts direction (386) four times more than the longs (80). 

Forex Pulse Detector hourly activities.

The system trades all days slipping the opening of the European trading session and scalping hours at night. 

Forex Pulse Detector weekly trading activities.

Thursday and Friday are the less traded days, among others. 

Forex Pulse Detector risks.

We may note that the robot trades with low risks to the account balance.

 Forex Pulse Detector closed pairs.

The system uses x6-x11 Martingale to make more profits after losses occur. 

Forex Pulse Detector  monthly profits.

The monthly profits are low. August 2021 was the best month according to trading activities. 

Pricing & refund

Forex Pulse Detector pricing.

Forex Pulse Detector costs $63 for a lifetime license. The original price was $79. The package is featured by one real account and two demo accounts, 24/7 support, lifetime updates, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. 

People feedback

Forex Pulse Detector testimonials.

There’s a page of the mother company – Automated Forex Tools on Forex Peace Army. There are two reviews written, but only one is mentioned.

Forex Pulse Detector testimonials.

The system has only positive testimonials that aren’t relevant because they are faceless. 

Other notes

Forex Pulse Detector portfolio.

We have several products in the portfolio. We don’t know if these systems are updated well to fit current market conditions.


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