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On Control EA Review

on control robot

The forex robot provides fully-automated trading and works with any brokerage company which supports the MetaTrader 4 platform.

How On Control EA Works

There are told not so much about strategies applied in the robot. Everything we’ve got is the statement that the robot has been designed by truly mathematician who knows trading very-well.

On Control EA trading results

There are about 10 links on various accounts where the fx robot has been applied. Some of them have been closed, the three rest is live where the two of them are cents accounts. We’ll pick the last real USD account to check its performing. In general performing between three of real live accounts vary but not so much.

on control robot myfxbook

As we told, the account is real USD. On Control robot uses Darwinex as a brokerage company, trades fully-automated with the 1:200 leverage level on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

So what we’ve got. The robot runs the account for a little bit more than two years and gained +140%. The average monthly gain is +3.46%, the drawdowns are mid-ranged and equal 28.36%.  The account totaly has been funded for $26620 and withdrawn for $25546.

on control robot trading results

As 2020 just started months and year results show nothing.

on control robot advanced statistics

There have been performed 3750 deals, with the very high win-rated 74% for both: longs and shorts. The amount of traded pips during the two years is huge too and equals 18851. The average trade length is 2 days. The profit factor is quite high too and equals 2.09.

on control robot currency pairs

As you can see some of currency pairs like CAD/JPY and USD/JPY are traded longs, and the rest are shorts. The most amount of trades: 2029 have been traded shorts on the EUR/USD currency pair.

on control robot statistics

The most of the trades are performed from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

on control robot monthly gain

The robot trades with the low risks that’s why it provides predictable profitability across the years. Its range is between 1 and 4.5% of the monthly gain. 

on control robot currencies popularity

Depending on months, the currency pairs vari so much in trades.

Pricing And Refunds

on control robot pricing

The main price is quite high across the robot that provides 43-4% of the monthly gain. $3000 is such a big money for asking for the robot. 

The one month license costs $100. 

on control robot pricing

Three months cost $300. 

Other notes

All social networks of the robot are shutdown, excluding twitter. Checking the account, we’ve noticed that there’s provided Ukrainian cellphone number, but the UK location. All screenshots show that the marketing period of selling the robot has been ended about a year ago. The devs don’t provide the money-back guarantee. As well, we’re suggested to use only one brokerage company: Darwinex.


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