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Odin Forex Robot Review

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Well, let’s start our journey to one of the multiple trading systems developed by the well-known Forex Robot Trader company. Odin Forex Robot: why is it called ‘brutal’? What does it have that makes it an ATS with ‘brutal trading accuracy’? The sales page represents profit numbers which show the system got $148K in May and over $844K this year. Frankly, it looks odd and triggers a healthy level of skepticism. It is hard to believe that any robot can achieve this result for half a year. 

How Odin Forex Robot Works

The presentation has got the same screenshots that prove nothing for an average trader. As well, we’re suggested about take-profit and stop-loss system which should protect our account from losses. Odin, how other devs robots, has a Broker Shield feature that saves sensitive info from brokerage companies.

Odin Forex Robot has been designed to perform the grid strategy that allows checking charts in real-time to find the best points to get in and out. 

As well, the robot has a feature that keeps brokerage companies from trading against you providing protection of your trading information. There’s also the false statement that the robot is #1 choice of the professional forex brokers.


Although Don Steinitz passed, the FRT hasn’t updated info on their ‘About Us’ page and there is still his biography. The website has another owner, but there is no info about the person who is responsible for the trading tools that are sold there.

Applied Strategies

According to the vendor, the system is fully automated, has a broker shield, is fully optimized, is easy to use, and ‘has a legendary grid trading strategy. The strategy finds ‘the best entry and exit points with no lag’. Unfortunately, there is no detailed info on how this strategy works in the real market. The devs also mention perfect entry and exit points and accurate SLs and TPs, but nothing in-depth.

It looks like the dev does not want us to show how the system works or does not want to risk his money because is uncertain of its reliability. Grid trading systems are very risky and can easily rin trading accounts by opening too many orders at once.

Odin Trading Results

Devs have decided not to launch their robot on life or demo accounts. 

Backtest report.

Odin robot has just backtested performances and it introduces to us like real and proven data which we can trust.

Backtest report.

If the robot is that good and can easily have a 95% win-rate so what’s the reason to sell it for nothing money? It’s another backtest account that “shows” us how we can easily get $15 million from a little deposit. These major gains are simply not real. 

Pricing and Refund

Pricing details.

Odin’s regular price is $199. Now the devs offer a 50% discount and sell it at $99.  There is no information about license limitations, which is a poor practice. So, we may only assume that the vendor offers 1 license per package. The company doesn’t provide a money-back refund. So, it’s a one-way ticket.

Other notes

Fake customer reviews.

The reviews are mostly fake because there are no those people on Facebook. “Helpful Stats’ means nothing as well because it got no background researches. 

Overall rating
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