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With effective trade signals, Forex trading will not be an overwhelming task for traders. OHLSEN TRADING provides copy trading solutions that completely take over the task of trading for you. With MT4 platform access and a regulated broker trading will be a breeze as per the vendor. A gain percentage ranging from 4% up to 13% is guaranteed by the vendor with a 99%-win rate.  



As an FX signal generator, this service enables traders to successfully use the trading approach suitable for them without prior knowledge of trading. A high return on investment for a small fee is the main advertising focus of this provider. 

Signals are sent via the Telegram channel for use by interested traders. The main service is copy trading. This process is accomplished by registering with the service and linking the MT4 and broker with the VPS server. 

Once your MT4 platform is set up, the service applies its client EA to the account and enters the precise settings. The copy trading is then set in motion wherein the trades are copied to the account for the entire subscription fee. Features include best returns, a 30-day trial period, copy trading, and affordable pricing.

Customer support options are not provided by the vendor. There is mention of emailing the vendor for support but no address is provided. A link to the Instagram page of the vendor is provided. The lack of information concerning the vendor or developer and the absence of support options raises a red flag.

Applied Strategies

Strategy plays a vital role in trading. But the vendor does not divulge the strategy used or backtests that help to identify the approach and the performance of the signals. The absence of strategy tester reports further confirms our suspicion regarding the efficacy of this copy trading service.



A separate page is assigned for featuring the trading results. The vendor reveals an experience in various markets for 4 to 5 years where different strategies have been tried with the present approach being the best. A link to the verified results page is provided. Here is a screenshot of the myfxbook verified results:


From the trading stats, we could see a total profit of 23.9% and an absolute gain of 12.77%.  The difference in the values indicates the approach used is of a high-risk category. A daily profit of 0.26% and a monthly gain of 8.02% are recorded for this real USD account using Pepperstone broker. The drawdown value is 26%. Any value above 20% indicates a high-risk trading approach. 

We are however more concerned by the hidden values. The balance, equity, profit, lots, trading history, and many other aspects of the trading are hidden. A profit factor value of 46.02 is shown. If the performance and approach used are the best as claimed by the vendor there is no need to hide the details. This certainly raises a red flag.

Pricing & Refund

Ohlsen Trading Pricing

Two main monthly subscription packages are posted on the site. The €60 per month subscription includes a 24/5 copy trading service, full automation, an assurance of 4% gain, and no hidden fees. A slightly higher amount of €65 per month comes with a 13% gain per month assurance. The free option includes Telegram group membership and manual trading with 24/5 signal service. A free trial for 30 days is also provided for all subscription packages. However, no money back guarantee is provided. 

Customer Reviews

Links to the Trustpilot site and the Forexpeacearmy site are provided by the vendor. We found two reviews posted on the Trustpilot site with a rating of 3.8/5 while there are no reviews on the Forex Peace Army site.  A screenshot of the reviews is shown below:

Ohlsen Trading Customer Reviews

From the reviews, the service seems to be performing well. But there are only two reviews and both were posted in January 2021. With no recent reviews and the absence of reviews on the Forexpeacearmy site, we find that the signal provider is not a popular name in the market.

Overall rating
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