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MFWU (Managed Forex With Us) Review

MFWU (Managed Forex With Us)

Automated trading systems are the trend now in Forex. They make the entire trading easy, quick, and hassle-free. Managed Forex With Us (MFWU) veers away from this trend and focuses its services on the manual management of trading. This company uses diversified risk to ensure users profit from their investment. MFWU offers different services including Managed accounts, Expert Advisors, Trade Copying, and more. This fund management company changes the trading parameters in line with the changing market scenario ensuring minimal loss and maximum returns. 

How MFWU Works

How MFWU Works

Norbert Zoltan Nagy is the brain behind MFWU. He is a robot developer with three years of trading experience. He has focused on two main challenges namely the emotional control during trading and the inability of automated software to respond to changes in market conditions. He mentions collaborating with experienced traders and robot programmers to build better strategies that adapt to market situations as and when needed.  

The team at MFWU includes traders Tibor Kun-Szabo, Korozsi, and Bilinovics. We could find the team members’ email addresses provided along with their images on the site.

Users investing in the managed account service can contact the company. A broker link is sent to the user with the user furnishing the MT4 login credentials. For copy trading services choosing one of the subscription packages will result in signals being sent to the user with which trades can be executed. 

Applied Strategies

The developer does not mention the exact trading approach used for the signal generation and the FX robots developed by the company. Instead, there is a general explanation of how the team has built the best strategies with their collective experience in programming and trading. No backtests are provided which is disappointing as they serve to give a better perspective of how the company uses its strategies. 

MFWU Trading Results

Trading results of the accounts managed by the team members on the Forexpeacearmy site are provided as links on the official site. 

MFWU Trading Results

While the results reveal information like deposit, balance, SL, TP, profit, pips, etc. we prefer results verified by sites like myfxbook, FXBlue, and FXStat. The results from such third-party sites divulge useful info like the drawdown, profit factor, lot size used, and more. Such info reveals the level of risk present and whether the strategy used is effective or not. Without verified results, we do not find the provided proof of results by the team as reliable.

Pricing & Refund

MFWU subscription

Pricing for the services of this company is by subscription method. For the trade signals and copy trading services, $50 is charged as the monthly rate. For the managed account, there is no mention of charges but the vendor requests users to contact the company for negotiating the fee. This implies that they do not have a fixed charge for the service. The vendor does not provide a refund or money-back assurance for the services. While the monthly subscription fee is affordable, the absence of a proper pricing structure and lack of refund make the service look unreliable.

Other Services Offered

MFWU - Other Services Offered

MFWU also deals with Forex Broker services offering trade analysis and signals to brokers so they can provide it to their clients. The company offers partnership benefits wherein traders with programming knowledge can become part of the company. Referral benefits are offered by which a trader referring 5 clients can join the company as an affiliate partner. 50% of the earned revenue is given to affiliate partners.

Customer Reviews

We found two reviews for this company on the Forex Peace Army site. Here is a screenshot of the reviews.

MFWU Customer Reviews

From the feedback, we can see that the users are happy with the customer service and the performance of the managed account. But with just two reviews we feel that more reviews are needed to properly assess the effectiveness of the services the company offers.

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