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Ninja Scalper Review

Ninja Scalper Review

The site has a horrible design with fake statements like “100% satisfied customers.” The robot performs a scalping strategy based on technical indicators in a short time frame (M5).

Ninja Scalper presentation

How Ninja Scalper Works

  • The robot scalps only on the EUR/USD chart on the M5 time frame.
  • It uses MACD, and trend indicators like RIS, Moving Average.
How Ninja Scalper Works

There’s a list of settings that several pages long with extended explanations. 

  • The minimum deposit can be as little as $50. There’s no info if these requirements are for the Standard account.
  • We may require more money if we want to trade aggressively.
  • ECN is recommended to get the lowest possible spreads.
  • VPS or 24/5 PC is required for stable trading.
  • The minimum leverage should be 1:300 or higher.
  • The EA works with three risk mods: Conservative, Standard, Aggressive.
  • The money-management calculates Lot Sizes automatically.
  • The robot supports FIFO-restrictions.

Applied Strategies

The robot performs a scalping strategy on an M5 time frame. The EA was backtested with data provided from several brokers with 99.90% accuracy.

Ninja Scalper how it works
Ninja Scalper Applied Strategies

Looking at this gif video, we can see a trend strange indicator that’s available for free.

Ninja Scalper Applied Strategies

The second gif is all about the same. There’s a strange indicator as well, but the devs said that this is the “second” strategy.

Ninja Scalper Applied Strategies

There’s no standard backtest report in common meaning. We have several gifs with charts and a sheet with monthly profits.

Ninja Scalper trading results

It’s unprofessional to have the report and don’t provide it. So, what can we say from this table? Sometimes it was profitable. Sometimes it wasn’t. We have to believe in a word that Tick Data was 99,90%, not 90% or less.

Ninja Scalper Trading Results

Ninja Scalper Myfxbook

The company has only one myfxbook-verified profile. It’s a demo EUR account without a verified track record. It uses Tickmill as a broker house, trades automatically with 1:400 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account was created on March 10, 2020. Since then, the EA has provided +28.91% of the absolute gain. An average monthly gain is +3.05% with an insane maximum drawdown – 50.41%. The account is tracked by nine people.

Ninja Scalper advanced statistics

The EA has closed 391 deals with 769 pips. An average profit in pips (12.57) is a bit higher than an average loss in pips (-10.85). The win-rate is incredibly low – 52% for Shorts and 57% for Longs. An average trade length is over ten hours. The Profit Factor is 1.68.

Ninja Scalper trading results

The EA uses indane SL levels as for a scalper. It uses Martingale to recover after losses. 

Pricing & Refund

Ninja Scalper Pricing & Refund

There are four packages: one lifetime and three for rent. Rent for 30 days costs $30. There are no updates. We can use it on one PC (?). What’s this? It sounds like nonsense. Three-month rent costs $50. The EA will receive only one update. If there are four updates, so no luck for the EA to work well? Half a year rent costs $100. There’ll be a maximum of two updates. A lifetime pack costs $149. There’ll be unlimited updates and support. We can use it on a maximum of 10 PC (?). We’re allowed to join a Telegram group if needed.

People’s feedback

Ninja Scalper People’s feedback

The devs used past comments to apply to this robot from MQL5.


The robot was removed. It’s unavailable anymore on the MQL5 market.


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