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MG Pro EA Review


We’ve got a Sinrya Advice EA designed company on the plate.

Sinrya Advice EA

It has many EAs and other staff in the portfolio, but now, we’d like to talk about an MG Pro EA.

MG Pro EA trading results

The robot was introduced like an EA with real 3rd-party verified trading results. Checking them and their number, we’ve noticed that they vary: orders delivered, win-rate don’t match. We don’t know what they meant talking about 80% More Profits. Compared with what? The same we have in pricing. Where’s a compare sheet? 

MG Pro EA list of partner companies

The presentation is featured by a list of partner companies. There are no referral links. It’s just a picture. 

How MG Pro EA Works

The EA has got a huge list of features and explanations:

  • The robot is a fully automated trading solution.
  • It uses many indicators to find the best trading opportunities.
  • It’s the best EA they’ve ever designed.
  • The default settings don’t need human interventions.
  • The expected profit is from 4$ to up to 10% weekly.
  • The robot received an update on September 24, 2020.

Applied Strategies

The robot uses the next strategies to trade:

  • Using twelve indicators, the EA analyzes Price Action and Support and Resistance levels, Trend Line, and much more info.
  • The robot uses a Hedging strategy to open several trades in the direction of the market.

MG Pro EA Trading Results

The developers didn’t provide any backtest reports for all of the five symbols.

MG Pro EA Myfxbook

It’s a past update real USD Track Record Verified account on a LiteForex broker (weird choice) because it’s an extremely rare case to choose a little-known broker for non-arbitrage trading. The robot uses technical indicators and trades with 1:200 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account was created after the update on September 26, 2020. For almost two months, the EA provided +24.39% of the absolute gain. An average monthly gain is +14.21%, with a medium maximum drawdown (17.97%). 

MG Pro EA advanced statistics

The robot closed 191 deals with 1818.1 pips. An average win (27.62 pips) is just a little bit higher than an average loss (-23.99 pips). The win-rate for Longs is 61%. For Shorts is 68%. An average trade length is around two hours. The Profit Factor is 1.81.

MG Pro EA trading results

The most profitable symbol was EUR/USD with +$37.96. The less profitable was AUD/CAD with +$8.95.

MG Pro EA trading results

The highest activity the EA shows during the European session.

MG Pro EA trading results

MG Pro EA works with low risks to the account balance.

MG Pro EA trading results

It sets SL and TP levels and hides them from a broker. How we can see from the sheet, the EA opens time to time hedging trades in the market movement.

MG Pro EA monthly gain

The robot is so young to tell for sure if it can keep that profitability in a one-year range.

Pricing & Refund

MG Pro EA Pricing & Refund

MG Pro EA costs $288. The original price was $450. The package includes:

  • We can operate two licenses. One is for a real account. Another one is for a demo account,
  • We have to provide numbers of the accounts to the devs to allow trading via the EA.
  • We can expect that the robot will receive free updates and upgrades.
MG Pro EA 14-days money-back guarantee

The developers provide only a 14-days money-back guarantee.

People’s feedback

MG Pro EA People’s feedback

The site has a feedback section. The rate is formed based on reviews in the comments. 

MG Pro EA People’s feedback
MG Pro EA People’s feedback

Most comments are positive, but visitors set them dislikes showing that it’s not sure.

Overall rating
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