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Merrill Edge review


Cooperation with a reliable brokerage company is a priority for every trader. To avoid looking through dozens of options, you must opt for Merrill Edge (ME). This brand is known worldwide, and it is always prestigious to associate your work with it. Our Merrill Edge review will let you understand what its attractiveness is.

About ME

The leading brokerage company can safely be called ME. She replaced Merrill Lynch, whose name is known to every trader. The rebranding did not lead to a loss of popularity but only comprehensively refreshed the company. The most exciting thing is that it is owned by such a giant as Bank of America Corporation. This circumstance automatically raises the status of ME and makes it attractive to investors. The company is open to everyone. Its services can be used by professionals in their field and novice traders. This kind of versatility is rare, further boosting customer trust ratings.

Merrill Edge brings great trading tools to everyone. Their effectiveness increases the likelihood of success and reduces the risk of financial loss. The company works closely with Bank of America. Thanks to this, traders can quickly, without commissions and any problems, transfer funds from one account to another. In some cases, there is even a financial reward for this. In addition, cooperation makes it possible to conduct consultations in bank branches located in almost every American city. ME has its website, Merrill Edge.com. It is quite helpful to users, as it contains a lot of information.

Most of ME’s services are provided free of charge. This applies to trading some assets, for which the commission is $0. At the same time, ME has standard costs for options trading, mutual fund transactions, and many other services. The exact figures of commissions are indicated in the table posted on the official web resource.

Service features

Getting ready to work with ME is more challenging than it seems. To do this, you need to follow a specific sequence of actions to be performed, which will help to avoid various problems already at the initial stage of cooperation.


  • Open the company’s web resource and find “Open An Account” (if you already have an account, then select Merrill Edge login).
  • Hover over the mouse and select the type of account you want to create from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, select “I’m a new client.»
  • After clicking, the page will be updated, and the registration form will appear.
  • Fill it with personal information and add a password to enter your account.
  • Log in to your account on the site or do a similar operation in the Merrill Edge app for mobile devices.
  • Get acquainted with the terms of cooperation and replenish your account.
  • After clearing the money, you can get to work.

To make working with ME always pleasant and comfortable, you need to have not only essential but also additional information. It will help you learn the key features and some critical secrets.

ME Features:

  • Security. ME customer accounts are securely protected from scammers. By default, logging into an account is done by entering a username and password. However, in the settings, you can supplement authorization with fingerprint scanning, face recognition of the account owner, and so on. In addition, the company carefully encrypts all entered data and excludes their loss or falling into the hands of fraudsters.
  • Support. This service from ME gets 9 points out of 10 for its work. Such a high rating is fully deserved since users have no complaints about the work of operators and other company representatives. Support is available 24/7. A particular telephone line, e-mail, or chat is used for communication. When choosing any options, the trader will quickly receive an answer to his request. It is worth remembering that the support service is available only in English.
  • Training. ME cares not only for experienced traders but also for beginners. For them, the company has organized a learning process, at the initial stage of which everyone can choose the difficulty level and the topics they want to master. In addition, users can independently select the optimal format for such lessons. Options include reading articles, watching educational videos, and participating in webinars and special courses for beginners.
  • Additional tools. ME is also great because it offers many trading tools that every registered trader can use. Also, in the public domain on the site, several helpful financial calculators help to conduct various calculations. Such vital additions will simplify the analytics as much as possible and allow you to build a trading strategy correctly.
  • Cooperation with Bank of America. The clients of this financial institution receive many privileges from the bank’s collaboration with ME. It allows you to deposit/withdraw funds freely without paying large commissions and additional payments. Also, for certain financial transactions, customers receive specific financial bonuses. They are credited to the card or trading account.


The quality of any trading service is determined by the number of its advantages highlighted by specialists and users. ME has many of them, so only the essential aspects are included in the list. Remember the shortcomings. They are minor but can have a negative impact.

ME benefits:

  • eminent owner
  • high status
  • suitable for beginners and professionals
  • cooperation with Bank of America
  • low commissions
  • informative site
  • security of the storage of personal information
  • mobile app
  • 24/7 support service
  • many additional tools
  • no minimum on the account

ME disadvantages:

  • not the best trading platform
  • restrictions on cryptocurrency trading

ME is a leading representative of its direction. The company creates ideal conditions for investors and helps them in all their endeavors. Having taken the first step towards your mutually beneficial cooperation, you will not want to turn back.


Features: 4

Exchanges Supported: 4

Security: 5

Price: 5

Customer Support: 4

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