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Learn 2 Trade Review

Learn 2 Trade

Today’s Learn 2 Trade review is dedicated to a new Forex signals provider, promising to take traders’ trading experience to the next level. This signal service was designed to tell traders what currency pair is the best to trade. It tells you when to sell and buy currency as well as delivers you the info on entry prices, SL, and TP targets. This multi-service platform is introduced as the ‘World’s best Forex signal provider’. Is it as good as described? Is it worth its price? Keep on reading to find out the answers.

How Learn 2 Trade Works

Learn 2 Trade is a professional service developed by Gadget Greek Online Ltd. Their headquarter address is 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU. It is a rare thing to see such a good level of transparency from developers. Thus, it is a major pro.

Learn 2 Trade headquarter address

Now let’s talk about the key features of this signal service:

  • Ensures up to ten profitable signals per day
  • Daily trading tips and technical analysis
  • Many forecast articles per week
  • Real-time alerts delivered via Telegram
  • The devs claim that their team has over 15 years of experience in the Forex market
  • Traders are provided with extended access to performance reports
  • All signals have the same format: symbol, reason, direction, Entry Price, SL, and TP price
How Learn 2 Trade Works
  • The developers offer free signals and premium signals services, which are notified via the L2T Telegram group.
Learn 2 Trade - signal
  • Many signals use the RSI indicator
Learn 2 Trade - RSI indicator

Premium Service offers up to an 82% win success rate and an average gain of thirty up to forty percent. They add that with the help of this package traders will get from three to five premium signals per day as well as unlimited access to their VIP Telegram group.

Learn 2 Trade signals services

Free Signals service comes with 3 signals per week, no payments or card details required. It supports major, exotic, and minor currency pairs.

Learn 2 Trade signals services

Applied Strategies

Learn 2 Trade system uses 4 levels to identify best opportunities for trend, breakout and price movement. 

Learn 2 Trade Applied Strategies
Learn 2 Trade Applied Strategies
Learn 2 Trade Applied Strategies

Unfortunately, the team that stands for this trading tool failed to provide backtests on their site. Thus, it makes it impossible to analyze the efficacy of this trading system in the past or see what trading approach is used to obtain the promised 82% win success rate.

Learn 2 Trade Trading Results

The devs failed to provide live trading results to prove the productivity and efficacy of their trading tool. Probably, it is because they decided that it is a needless thing. After all, they provide not only paid signals but also cost-free ones for traders. So, people can try the software on their own before investing their money in it.

Pricing & Refund

Learn 2 Trade Pricing

So, as mentioned before, we are offered free signals and premium ones (cost $14/month on a half a year plan).

Learn 2 Trade fees

The devs also offer their VIP Forex signals for free. To receive free VIP signals, we need to register an account on a Long Horn broker.

Learn 2 Trade - VIP Forex signals for free

Alvexo brokerage is available for the UK traders:

Learn 2 Trade - Alvexo brokerage

There is no info about the money-back guarantee. However, the developers claim that they offer a money-back guarantee to new subscribers who want to try their Premium Plan.

Learn 2 Trade -signals

Other Notes

We have decided to conduct additional research and find at least something from traders who have already tried this signal service. As a result, we have found 121 customer feedback on TrustPilot:

Learn 2 Trade customer feedback

The company has a 4 out of 5-star rating. The site has a lot of positive reviews from customers, who say that Learn 2 Trade makes money and is a great signal service provider:

Learn 2 Trade customer feedback
Learn 2 Trade customer feedback

Many reviews were written from free users of L2T forex signals:

Learn 2 Trade customer reviews

In addition to this, the L2 Telegram channel counts 6863 members now.

Learn 2 Trade Telegram channel

Their average posts have from 300 to up to 1400 views:

Learn 2 Trade Telegram channel

It is an active Telegram channel with a huge target audience.


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