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Happy Breakout EA Review

Happy Breakout Robot

Today’s robot to review is Happy Breakout. “The EA uses the strategy based on the breakdown of the most important support and resistance levels. It’s optimized using real ticks with 99.90% model quality. It uses fixed SLs and TS of profitable trades in its operation.“

The robot features and common info:

  • MT4 trading.
  • ECN brokers supporting.
  • Autodetection of 4 or 5 digit quotes.
  • 100% automated trading solution.
  • No grid strategy allowed.
  • No hedging allowed.
  • No martingale allowed.
  • VPS is required.
  • EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY symbols supporting.
  • H1 timeframe trading.
  • Trading with spreads lower than 10 pips.
  • Max SL level 10 pips.


We’ve got a little bit photoshopped screenshot of backtests.

Happy Breakout Robot Backtests

This one was formed for the 2012-2015 period on the M30 timeframe. The modeling quality was 99.9%. The initial deposit was $1000. The total net profit amounted to $553.3K. The profit factor was high and equaled 3.2. The maximum drawdown was 14.49%. The win-rate across longs and shorts was 71%.

Happy Breakout EA trading results

Happy Breakout Robot Trading results

It’s a real account. The risks of ruining it are so low, nevertheless, the total score is 57.2/100. The EA is online for 8 months. During the period the total gain equaled +67.75% and (+285.5 pips). The maximum deposit was $5000. The max drawdown was low and amounted to 10.5%. The monthly gain was 7.18%. 

Happy Breakout Robot Trading results

The account runs on the Turnkey Global broker with 1:200 leverage. 

Happy Breakout Robot Trading results

EA trades two currency pairs instead of 3 that were told: EUR/USD and GBP/USD. The average win-rate is extremely low and equaled 43% for GBP/USD and 57% for EUR/USD. The best trades $145/$255 is twice worse than the worst ones -$460/-$517.

Happy Breakout Robot Trading results

EA trades without frequent and high drawdowns.

Happy Breakout Robot Trading results

The robot shows kinda good results during months, finishing almost all of them with a profit.

Happy Breakout Robot Trading results

The EA performed 277 trades. The profit trades were 85.2%. The average trade length was 40 minutes. The profit factor is 1.68. The max consecutive profit was $1215, but the max consecutive loss was -$522.

We’ve found the second account of it on FXblue.

Happy Breakout Robot FXblue

It was a real USD account that ran for about three years. The initial deposit was around $200. 

Happy Breakout Robot FXblue

The total return was -21.6%. The max drawdown was high and amounted to almost 40%.

Happy Breakout Robot FXblue

The average trade length was 45 mins. The average win was +$1.1 and the average loss was -$2.31.

Happy Breakout Robot FXblue

As we can see, both symbols trade worst.

Happy Breakout Robot FXblue

The Sell direction had twice a better profit factor than the Buy one.

Happy Breakout Robot Trading results

As we can see 2019 was a bad year for the EA. So, it probably got no updates to improve performance.

Pricing & Refund

Happy Breakout Robot offer

As we may see, the devs force us to buy it ASAP because of a lack of copies. As usual, the price enhanced by 10 free EAs. Nevertheless, the price of 550 EUR is so high. The package includes unlimited demo or real accounts, free updates, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

“The license is for the first month and will be automatically free renewed for a lifetime on your email.” It looks tricky, so, what’s the deal not to provide a fulltime license as soon as we buy a copy of the product?

How good is Happy Breakout?


  • Real account trading results.
  • Good results on one account.
  • Low-risk trading.
  • Good win-rate
  • Solid profit factor.
  • The 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Screenshots of backtests.
  • Bad results on the previous account.
  • Lack of settings explanations.
  • Lack of strategy explanations.
  • Extremely high price.
  • Renewing license trick.
Overall rating
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