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Avia Robot Review

Avia Robot

Is Avia Robot a scam?

Avia Robot

Today, we’ve like to talk about Avia Robot. The presentation looks unprofessionally and pushes to buy it asap.  It was truly hard to find relevant intel across all those good-for-nothing speeches.

The devs apart these strategies and logics:

  • Exclusive Shotgun Safety Algorithm. The daily range of price fluctuations is calculated. In the upper and lower points of the range, the stochastic and CCI oscillators determine entry points. It opens one order for one symbol.
  • The EA starts trading Monday afternoons and doesn’t Fridays afternoons.
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss features. 

Setting and common features:

  • EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/CAD symbols.
  • H1 timeframe trading.
  • Fully-automated solution.
  • It works with any MT4 broker.
Avia Robot promises

We’re promised by “big easy money.” So, it looks like a scam. Usually, the wise developers avoid this sentence because they truly now it’s impossible.

Insite screenshots of trading results

Avia Robot trading results

So, it’s almost everything we know about the robot. We’re not even sure these results for two days have been reached by exactly this EA. How you may see, the block where usually is placed an EA’s name was cut in Photoshop.


Avia Robot Pricing

Avia Robot costs $130 with -70% OFF. “Last few copies” people have been able to see since 2019. The devs provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. EA has got in its package

  • Free updates.
  • Welcome support.
  • No taxes nor hidden fees.

Avia Robot is a scam EA

  • No good strategy explanations provided
  • No backtests provided
  • No trading results provided
  • Hard pushing to buy it asap
  • No people feedback provided
Overall rating
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