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Grid Trading Bot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

Grid Trading Bot Review: What Do You Need to Know?

Grid Trading Bot is a trading solution that was designed to provide clients of the Pionex platform with stable profits. The system performs a Grid strategy 24/7. We have decided to take a closer look at it.

Grid Trading Bot overview

The company has been running since 2020-2021. There’s a company called Pionex PTE LTD behind this service. Pionex is well-known among traders. The company offers 16 trading bots absolutely for free, so every trader can try the products it offers.

Grid Trading Bot quick summary

  • The robot is a download free solution from Pionex exchange.
  • To work with it we have to register on the site and customize it properly.
  • It manages our orders from opening to closing.
  • The advisor protects deals with SL and TP levels.

What does Grid Trading Bot offer?

The presentation includes various details about how the robot is going to work on our account and what features it has.

  • The advisor can work completely automatically on our account.
  • We have to customize a Grid strategy to have proper sizes and range.
  • The system tardes well on the sideway market.
  • It provides stable profits on the volatile crypto market.
  • We can avoid emotional decisions about trading.
  • It will perform on the market 24/7.
  • It can perform auto swing trading for us.
  • To use it, we have to register first.
  • We should pick an option: “Use AI Strategy” or “Set Myself”.
  • If you choose “Use AI Strategy”, Pionex AI Advisor will suggest a set of parameters for you.
  • The parameters were calculated from backtesting the last 7-Days.
  • We have to choose how much we are ready to invest in trading.
  • When everything is ready we have to click start trading.
  • It’s possible to customize parameters like Upper Limit Price, Lower Limit Price, Number of Grids, Total Investment for the Bot, Trigger Price, Stop loss Price, Take Profit Price.
  • After you created the bot, it’ll ask your permission to re-allocate the amount of the two coins of the chosen pair for you.
  • If we set a Stop-loss Price for the Grid Trading Bot, it’ll cancel itself and all the base currency will be sold to the quote currency, once the price drops below it

Grid Trading Bot reputation

Pionex testimonials.

Pionex created a profile on Trustpilot where we can see people’s testimonials.

Pionex testimonials.

We have various positive feedback from former and current clients about the company’s bots.

What crypto exchanges are supported?

The system supports Pionex.


Grid Trading Bot is a solution that is available for free for every user of Pionex.

Security and privacy of Grid Trading Bot

The advisor works with API keys on the developers’ exchange. So, we will have a safe and positive experience.

What about the customer support?

The developers provide decent and welcome support.

Profitability of Grid Trading Bot

Clients write on Trustpilot that they have positive trading experience with the products the company offers. 

Deposits, withdrawals and fees

The system doesn’t have those requirements. We will work with the market using our account.

Advantages of Grid Trading Bot

Download-free solution

We can download the system without a need to pay.

Pionex is a good developer

The system is designed by Pionex. At the same time, we can use Pionex to trade on the crypto market.

Disadvantages of Grid Trading Bot

No trading results shown 

We don’t have verified trading results mentioned.


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