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Golden Coup EA review

Golden Coup EA review

Golden Coup EA is a robot that was published on the MQL5 site. The developer provides us with all possible explanations about how the system is going to function. It’s time to figure out what from this is true. 

How Golden Coup EA works

The presentation provides us with various explanations about how the system functions and what we have to expect from its performance. 

  • The presentation includes a claim about automatic orders execution on our account. 
  • It can generate significant profits. 
  • The drawdowns will be below 20% with standard settings. 
  • It’s possible to trade with standard or aggressive settings.
  • There’s a self learning algorithm. 
  • The core strategy is price action. 
  • It’s possible to trade with various market conditions. 
  • The system calculates lot sizes automatically. 
  • We can get Genius Assets for free if we buy The Golder Coup.
  • It has to be used on a VPS server. 
  • The robot follows the rules of FIFO and NFA. 
  • A monthly profit can be 30-200%. 
  • We can work on an ECN account if we want. 
  • It supports working with currencies and indices. 
  • The core time frame to trade is H1. 
  • The only cross pair to work with is Gold. 
  • It works with fixed SL and TP levels.
the dev’s profile.

Roman Erokhin is a developer from Russia with a 1741 rate. There are 8 products and 12 signals in his portfolio. People provided 48 reviews that formed a 4.5 rate.

Applied strategies

  • It manages the market conditions with usage of a self-adapting algorithm. 
  • It doesn’t use risky strategies like Martingale, Grid, Scalp or Hedge.
  • The robot works with a price action strategy. 
  • We may work with XAUUSD on H1. 

Golden Coup EA trading results

Golden Coup EA backtest report.

The system was tested on the $1000 account. The historical quality of tick data was 99%. It has managed to generate $12,210,176 of the total net profit. The maximum drawdown was 16.02%. The profit factor was 15.83 when the recovery factor was 12.81. It performed 2270 deals with 98.23% of the win rate for Shorts and 98.88% for Longs.

Golden Coup EA trading results.

It manages an account on GrandCapital working directly from the server. The leverage is 1:500. Its maximum drawdown is 78.7% when the maximum deposit load is 106.1%. It’s high risk trading. The win rate is 95.2%. The total growth has become 73.15%.

Golden Coup EA closed orders.

It manages orders without Martingale or Grid of orders.

Golden Coup EA statistics.

The robot has executed 21 deals. The best trade is $85.77 when the worst trade is -$0.18. The recovery factor is 2031.89 when the profit factor is 2032.89.

Golden Coup EA warnings.

There are some warnings about the suspiciously quick growh of the account.

Pricing & refund

Golden Coup EA pricing.

The developer offers us a real account copy for $750. Also, we can rent the system out for an unfriendly price of $699. Traders can download a demo copy to perform some backtests and check settings on the terminal.

People feedback

Golden Coup EA testimonials.

We have positive testimonials mostly. People are satisifed with the robot’s quality.


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