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Genius Assets Review

Genius Assets Review

Genius Assets is a trading solution that can make profits on the Forex market. The presentation includes various explanations about the system: settings, features, and other trading details. We decided to take a closer look at it to see hether we can trust this trading tool.

How Genius Assets works

We have various details and features united in the following list. This should help you to make the wise decision about working with this system.

  • The system is able to open and close our orders automatically for us.
  • It works with virtual trades to check consistently the market conditions to know where’s the best time to get into the market.
  • The real order is only placed when the market conditions match the best.
  • It can be consistently updated and this doesn’t require us to be involved.
  • The developers provided it with an automatic updating system.
  • The advisor is delivered with all proper customizations.
  • It includes six virtual strategies to be used.
  • The developer suggests we publish a review about the system to get Golden Fleece advisor for free. 
  • The deposit requirements are $100 to start trading.
  • We can start with leverage of 1:10.
  • The robot doesn’t manage orders with risky strategies such as Martingale, Grid, and Hedge strategies.
  • The system manages hard SL and TP levels for every order.
  • It can manage orders following FIFO rules.
  • The risks should be managed by us.
  • The developer provides us with a disclaimer about risks.

Applied strategies

  • The robot works with unnamed strategies.
  • It focuses on trading GBPUSD and EURUSD.
  • The time frame to open orders is H1.

Genius Assets trading results

Genius Assets backtest report.

We have a backtest report provided where the robot managed data of 99% history quality. The developers set an initial deposit at $1000 that became $54,602,432 of the total net profit. The maximum drawdown was 15.28%. The profit factor was 13.61 when the recovery factor was 85.25. The robot executed 4894 orders with over 99% accuracy.

Genius Assets trading results on MQL5.

The robot works on the real market on the ForexChief, not that successful as we saw on the backtest report. It has a maximum drawdown of 24.3% and a maximum deposit load of 4.3%. The win rate is 83.3%. There’s 100% algo trading. The absolute growth is -12.41%. The robot works with low frequency – only two orders weekly. It keeps orders on the market for 14 hours.

Genius Assets monthly profits.

The start month doesn’t seem to be profitable as a result.

Genius Assets closed orders.

The robot closed all orders for profits, but this doesn’t look right because we have significant losses. 

Genius Assets statistics.

Genius Assets traded 6 orders. The best trade is $3.19 when the worst trade is -$40.56.  The recovery factor is -0.62. The profit factor is low, 0.38. We can rely on the average month loss of 12.41%.

Genius Assets distribution.

The distribution shows that the robot GBPUSD (5) trades over EURUSD (1 deal closed).

Pricing & refund

Genius Assets pricing on MQL5.

The offer looks ridiculous because the annual subscription of $600 is just $50 cheaper than the lifetime license–$650. Everyone can download the system for demo usage to perform backetsts or checking its settings.

People feedback

Genius Assets testimonials.

There are many positive testimonials published in the comment section on MQL5. We can’t be sure they are real because of faceless profiles.

Other notes

The system is a young trading solution. So, it’s not possible to predict how it will work on the market for half a year or so and if it will be able to manage orders stable.


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