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What’s up with an FXMATH X-TRADER Robot?

We’ve got an FXMATH X-TRADER Robot to review. The presentation starts with a statement that the robot is a perfectly automated algorithmic system.

The presentation itself looks completely unprofessional. We’ve got hard times, having tried to find what’s behind the system.

The list of EA’s features:

  • 1:100-1:1000 leverage.
  • MT4 compatibility.
  • USD/JPY symbol.
  • “Adapts itself to changing market conditions” (?).
  • Fully-automated trading.
  • Cent, Micro, Mini, Standard, Pro, or  ECN Account.

That’s all we know about it.


FXMATH X-TRADER Robot Backtests

It’s a USD/JPY backtest on an H4 timeframe. The modeling quality is 90%. The initial deposit was $99. The total net profit was $22787. The profit factor was 21.92. There have been performed 327 trades. Shorts’ win-rate was 92%. Longs’ win-rate was 100%.

Trading results

FXMATH X-TRADER Robot Trading results
FXMATH X-TRADER Robot Trading results

It’s a real RUB account. So, the dev is from Russia. It explains why the presentation was so poor.

In general, the EA shows good results. The robot provides +18.7 of the monthly gain and +4.2% of the weekly one. The win-rate is 72.6%. The profit factor is high and equaled 2.52. EA doesn’t trade frequently.

FXMATH X-TRADER Robot Trading results

As we can see, there’s an insane risk of ruin the account (82.8%). The average trade length is about 40 hours.

FXMATH X-TRADER Robot Trading results

As you can see, these results, probably, were reached by performing arbitrage trading.

FXMATH X-TRADER Robot Trading results

It’s a day sheet. There were 4 trades that tripled the balance.

People feedback

FXMATH X-TRADER Robot feedback

We don’t think this feedback is real.

FXMATH X-TRADER Robot feedback

There’s another one on the ForexPeace Army forum. The dev didn’t comment on this case.


FXMATH X-TRADER Robot pricing

We’ve got three packages on the board. The Silver one costs $100. We’ll receive updates and support, one real and one demo accounts license. For $125, it’ll be 2 real and 2 demo accounts licenses. The Diamond package costs $150. We’ll get 3 real licenses and 4 demo ones.

Summing up


  • Backtest provided
  • Real account trading results


  • No strategy explanations provided
  • No settings explanation provided
  • Results kinda fake comparing to how the robot should act like
  • Fake people feedback
  • Ignoring client feedback at the forum
  • No money-back guarantee
Overall rating
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