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FXHT DailyTrend EA Review

FXHT DailyTrend EA Review

FxHT (standing for FX HollandTrader) DailyTrend EA is an MT4 robot created by an anonymous developer named HollandTrader. According to the seller’s website, the expert advisor works with any broker and account type.

This review will dive into the trading results and highlight the many red flags with this robot.  

How FxHT DailyTrend EA works

The presentation of this robot is quite sloppy, even for the most uninformed person. Firstly, we noted a few spelling mistakes on the website, suggesting that English isn’t the seller’s native language.

Also, the vendor is quite vague on the strategy information, unique selling points, and robot performance. Furthermore, no details exist on the identity of this mysterious developer.

Our research suggests they are most likely from the Netherlands since the robot’s domain name refers to Holland. Also, the seller is currently advertising several EAs, one of them named FxHT Rotterdam (a city in the Netherlands).

What’s more, their profile on Myxbook states the account’s location as the Netherlands. Despite this, the developer’s online presence is severely limited. A mere Google search of the term ‘FxHT DailyTrend EA’ returns a measly 14 results, which is dubious.

We checked the site domain with whois.domaintools, a free SEO platform, and found their IP address was registered in Ottawa, Canada.

The domain IP address

Furthermore, the feature list of FxHT DailyTrend EA lacks depth. The developer only mentions 11 points on their website in a few short sentences.

Like any MT4 robot, HollandTrader should provide users with the EX4 file to install the EA after purchase.

Applied strategies

HollandTrader doesn’t mention the trading system behind FxHT DailyTrend EA. They only say it uses no martingale, no grid, no hedging, and ‘can be optimized.’

The developer dubs the EA as a ‘stable daily trading robot’ on YouTube, suggesting the likelihood of a scalping system. However, this is our best assumption since the developer doesn’t expand on the term at all. 

The other concern is that you must go on HollandTrader’s YouTube channel to find back-testing analysis. Such a report is not available online in paper form, which is unprofessional and unreliable. Nonetheless, the results below tell us a few things.

Back-testing results for FxHT DailyTrend EA

The back-test was run across 3479 executed positions from April 1st, 2021, to May 18th, 2022 (just over a year). Here is some useful statistical information from the results:

  • The maximum drawdown was 12.37% across this period, an average rate for most trading systems. 
  • The number of losing trades was 7.16%, meaning a win rate of an impressive 92.84%.
  • The profit factor was 2.46, considered excellent by analysts looking at trading performance.

While the results don’t show the average monthly gains, the report indicates a profit-making account in the long run. Yet, despite the positive outcomes, you cannot rely on strategy testing alone. It’s not an accurate reflection of what would happen in live trading.

FxHT DailyTrend trading results

Myfxbook verified demo results for the FxHT DailyTrend EA

We found a few inconsistencies in this robot’s verified results on Myfxbook. HollandTrader mentioned the robot works with any ‘high volatility pair,’ although the trade history only shows EURUSD positions.

Trade history for the FxHT DailyTrend EA on Myfxbook

The second concern is that Myfxbook only reported positions executed in the last month – the back-testing shows over a year. Therefore, it’s possible that HollandTrader didn’t trade the robot until recently. 

The gap between the periods is a cause of concern and suggests the EA is still relatively new. Also, the statements come from a demo account instead of a live one. Generally, the latter is far more reliable. 

Yet, results for the bot under the same seller profile (kasparsvas15) come from a live account traded since December 2020.

Myfxbook verified live results for the FxHT DailyTrend EA

What was strange is that the live account only shows 18 trades over this period. This is a very low number for most robots. Nonetheless, both accounts show overall positive results.

  • The monthly gains for the demo and live were 2.7% and 2.36%, respectively.
  • The drawdowns were 0.74% and 0.49%, respectively.

Pricing & refund

This robot will cost you $190 with no refund or moneyback guarantee. Although this price is not above the average for robots, we don’t believe it’s worth the money based on previous discussions.

Other notes

Because of the low search results, you won’t find user reviews on places like TrustPilot, Forex Peace Army, and Myfxbook. This factor further adds to our overarching doubts about this robot.


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