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Aurum Review

Aurum Review

Aurum is a fully automated forex trading bot designed by Cashmaker. The vendor claims that it can help you make more than 50% profit every month. The ATS is diversified because it trades numerous currency pairs and gold. According to the developers, it is profitable as a result of an effective strategy. They will also assure you it presents low risk because of its trading approach. It also gives its users a 14-day money-back guarantee.

How Aurum EA works

How it works

The expert advisor runs on both editions of MetaTrader — MT4 and MT5. This EA uses trend trading, which is one of the most popular and efficient FX strategies. It also employs stop losse orders on all of its trades, reducing the potential risk in any trade. The pairs traded are XAUUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, GBPJPY, and AUDJPY. 

The site section explaining how the robot works


  • Trend following strategy
  • The bot works on the clock 24/7
  • Stop loss orders are used to protect your investment
  • Monthly profits range from 20% to 100%
  • There are no risky strategies like martingale
  • A low initial deposit of $100
  • Wide variety of tradable assets, promoting diversification

Applied strategy

The bot monitors the direction of the trend and places orders only in the direction of market movement. It buys an asset when its price trend rises and sells when the trend is about to decline. The bot chooses the best moment to make trades with the expectation that price movements will continue. As a result, each trade will have high profit potential and low risk. To avoid huge losses, it applies a stop loss strategy for each trade.

Strategy description on the developer’s site

On the website, there is a link to the backtests. However, on downloading, one cannot access them, which is a red flag. Because of the lack of these results, we cannot verify the effectiveness of this EA nor the 20-100% monthly profit.

The disables functionality to download the backtesting results

Aurum trading results

There are no live trading results on the bot’s websites, but only a few screenshots which we cannot accept as proof.  For example, the picture below showcases the growth by more than 2405.92% between April 4, 2016, and January 21st, 2022. 

The profit chart of the Aurum bot between April 4, 2016, and January 21st, 2022

Further, on doing detailed research on third-party websites like Forex Peace Army, FxBlue, FxStat, or Myfxbook, we could not find any live trading performance to analyze. Thus, we cannot verify the incredible performance presented by this EA.

Pricing and refund

Aurum payment packages

There are two payment options: Optimal, which costs 249 euros, and Economy, which costs 199 euros. You can create an unlimited number of accounts with the Optimal package. That also includes unlimited licenses, detailed installation and usage instructions, and online support. On the Economy plan, you can only have one account, one license, detailed installation, and usage instructions, as well as online support. It is fairly priced compared to other Forex robots. It offers a 14-day money-back guarantee in accordance with European standards.

Other notes

Customer reviews

The user commentaries on the Aurum website are few and impossible to verify. There are no reviews on third-party websites like TrustPilot. Thus, we cannot verify the legitimacy of the reviews. 

User reviews from Aurum’s website.


The Cashmaker website is easy to maneuver around. The features are well presented, but unfortunately, some essential links do not work; for example, one cannot access the backtest results. 

Vendor verification

The vendor is not transparent. We couldn’t find any information on the company, such as its founding year, team members, location, or other details. The absence of vendor transparency makes determining the product’s reliability challenging.

Overall rating
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