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FX Deal Club Review

FX Deal Club

FX Deal Club promises excellence, integrity, and transparency with its managed account services. It takes a personal approach to individual customer portfolios, thus allowing them to recover the losses they suffered through scams. This system follows a safe trading approach and promises a better financial future for its users.

How FX Deal Club Robot Works

On the official website of FX Deal Club, the vendor has given us a brief overview of what the company stands for, followed by a list of the main features. They have also explained how you can start trading with this system and have provided a form where you can fill in your MT4 account number, password, along with the broker name and server to become a part of the club. Another contact form is given for users who wish to send a query to the service team. 

FX Deal Club is a company with more than 19 years of financial experience. The team has been active since 2001, and many traders worldwide trust them with managing their portfolios. On the website, we can see that the company headquarters are located in MS Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE.

This robot monitors the Forex market throughout the day, seeking out the best trading occasions. Depending on the size of your account, an average ROI of 30-50% is provided by this robot every month. Customer support is accessible to all users on a 24/7 basis.

For risk management, portfolio diversification and hedging techniques are used by this EA. Great care is taken while managing the user accounts, and consistent gains are ensured. After sharing your MT4 account details, you need to pay a fee, following which the robot starts placing trades through your account.

Although the minimum deposit is $1000 for this robot, the vendor recommends starting with an amount of $5000 or more. This will allow you to make greater profits each month. This is a broker-friendly system, but as per the vendor, choosing one of the partner brokers will lead to better results.

Applied Strategies

The vendor does not reveal too many details about the trading strategy, apart from the fact that it is based on daily trends and price action. It is mentioned that prior to entering a trade, thorough fundamental and technical analysis is carried out.

We were hoping to find some information related to the indicators used by the robot, but unfortunately, there is none to be found. In the absence of strategy insight, many experienced Forex traders might shy away from investing in this robot. 

FX Deal Club Applied Strategies

The backtesting data for FX Deal Club has been presented in an odd format where only the starting balance, the testing period, and the total profit have been mentioned. We have no way of verifying if these figures correspond to the respective charts. These do not look like verified backtests, hence we cannot put too much weight on them. Without verified backtests, it becomes difficult for us to evaluate the EA’s profitability.

FX Deal Club Trading Results

FX Deal Club Trading Results

Here we have a live trading account for FX Deal Club verified by the Myfxbook website. As we can see, this account has suffered from some big losses after placing 112 trades. Although it has lost only 25% of the trades, the size of these losses was so huge that the profit generated through this account stands at -$3493.74. 

The profit factor for this trading account is 0.92, and since it is less than one, we cannot consider this to be a profitable robot. It is clearly using an extremely risky trading scheme.

Pricing & Refund

In order to use this software, you need to pay an upfront fee of $250. This is pretty standard compared to other Forex EAs on the market. The vendor charges you an additional 35% every week for the profit you made. 

This is based on a high watermark rule, which means you don’t have to pay the manager if the performance is poor. There is no mention of a money-back guarantee for this product.

Customer Reviews

FX Deal Club Customer Reviews

On the FPA website, we found several customer reviews on FX Deal Club. One user has mentioned how the robot has helped them achieve consistent results in the Forex market. The customer support provided by the company has also been praised. However, another user has criticized the communication of the service team, claiming it is inconsistent. 


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