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FX Classic Trader Review

FX Classic Trader

Today’s robot to review is FX Classic Trader. It’s introduced as a Creative Forex Expert Advisor and the best solution for their clients.

FX Classic Trader presentation

How FX Classic Trader Works

FX Classic Trader presentation
  • FX Classic Trader is an automated software that executes deals for us.
  • There’s a smart money-management system.
  • The robot follows FIFO and NFA rules.
  • We can run it with 4 and 5 digit brokers.
FX Classic Trader characteristics
  • So, you designed scam advisors, right?
  • The robot requires low spreads to execute orders well.
  • The minimum leverage should be 1:50.
  • From 1:100 to 1:500 is recommended leverage.
  • We have to run the EA only on 5-digit brokers.
  • The minimum balance requirements are $200 for a 0.01 Lot Size.
  • We have to use the robot on a VPS service.

Applied Strategies

FX Classic Trader trades Price Swing between Support and Resistance levels. Indicator analysis calculates on a daily basis.

FX Classic Trader Applied Strategies

We’ve got a single backtest of EUR/GBP on the H1 time frame that was performed between 2017 and the end of March 2020. The modeling quality was 90.00, with tight spreads (20 pips). An initial deposit was $499. The total net profit has become $783k. The Profit Factor was high  – 13.23. The maximum drawdown was only 14.78%. There were 429 closed with 85%-86% of the win-rate. An average win-streak was six deals.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

We’ve got a real USD account that was created on March 29, 2020, and funded at $2998 in total. The EA runs the account, having enough free margin to keep orders on the market (2416%).

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

It trades only EUR/GBP. The total return is 297.4%. An average monthly return is +20.2%. The maximum drawdown is only 1.8%. The win-rate is 67.7% with a 2.10 Profit Factor. An average trade frequency is 0.7 trades daily. The account is online for 262 days.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The risk to reward ratio is 4.63. An average trade length is over two days. An average win is $156 when an average loss is -$155.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The robot trades BUY and SELL directions equally by deals and Profit Factors. Most profits have been obtained from trading the BUY direction ($5873).

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

There’s a single strategy behind the system.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

Most active days are Monday (38 deals) and Tuesday (45). Most profits were on Tuesday ($2871), Thursday ($2662), and Friday ($2820).

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

The EA focuses only on trading during the European trading session.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

As we can see, during the first three months the Profit Factor was much higher than in nowadays trading. Probably, something was changed in settings.

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

We can see many open orders in both directions. 

FX Classic Trader Trading Results

FX Classic Trader uses another trade as a part of the little Grid to make more profits.

Pricing & Refund

FX Classic Trader Pricing

There are three packages: Basic, Business, and Premium. The Basic pack costs $109 and includes one real and one demo accounts. For $129, we can buy the Business pack with two real and two demo accounts.

People’s feedback

FX Classic Trader happy clients

The vendor mentioned that there are 2114 happy clients from 2190 in total.

FX Classic Trader support

It’s unprofessional to use Gmail service for supporting and business correspondence.

FX Classic Trader People’s feedback

There’s a company’s page on Forex Peace Army with a connected real account. As for the software that was sold over 2190 times, there’s no feedback. So, their copies-sold statistic is fake.


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