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Funnel Trader Review


The presentation of Funnel Trader starts with a request for the email and name. They say “no-spam”, but it’s a common lie. Provide fake data and go ahead. According to redirection after clicking the “buy” button it’s a LeapFX robot.

The devs offer us to use their system to make about 2592% profit for the year, but it’s manipulation because these screenshots are fake. All of them are 5 years old. All of them used arbitrage trading to get profit and they’re not connected in any way to the robot the devs sell.

Funnel Trader Robot

How Funnel Trader Works

Funnel Trader uses a strategy that finds the short terms trends and trades all the direction.

Funnel Trader Robot chart

The system works with mini trends

Funnel Trader Robot chart

The system picks up a profit from the strong downward movement.

Funnel Trader Robot chart

The system goes into an uptrend with expecting a downtrend coming and enters, but it’s able to switch back to buy, and still make a profit.

Funnel Trader trading results

Funnel Trader Robot Myfxbook

We’ve got a real USD account on FX Choice. The robot trades with 1:200 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The account has been funded at $5000 in February 2016. During the over four years the robot provided +273.47% of the profit.

The monthly gain is low ad equaled 2.65%. The max drawdown was 39.4%

Funnel Trader Robot advanced statistics

The robot has traded 16245 deals with 15769 pips. The average win ($7.23) is close to the average loss (-$7.81). The average win-rate is 57%. The average trade length is 2 days. The profit factor is quite low and equals 1.25.

Funnel Trader Robot statistics

As you can see, allowing to trade EUR/USD is a bad idea. 

Funnel Trader Robot statistics
Funnel Trader Robot statistics

The robot trades all-day everyday.

Funnel Trader Robot statistics

Funnel Trader runs with extremely low risks.

Funnel Trader Robot monthly gain

The robot didn’t trade half of 2019.

Funnel Trader Robot monthly gain

In 2020, its results are quite good.

The investor access

The devs decided to be as transparent as possible, so, they provided investor access for traders to check all the needed intel.

Funnel Trader Robot login

Pricing & Refund

Funnel Trader Robot Pricing

The robot costs $300 annually. The dev provides support, free updates, and recommendations.

Is Funnel Trader still a solid robot?


  • Strategy well-explained
  • 3rd-part verified 4-years-old real USD account data provided
  • Solid results for extremely low risks
  • Trades all-day every day
  • Investor access provided
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee provided
  • Mid-price offer


  • A lot of manipulations presented in the presentation
  • No backtests provided
  • Big losses on EUR/USD
  • Low win-rate
  • Low “profit factor”
  • Mid-price offer
Overall rating
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